Resource Utilization Calculator

How Much is Your Utilization Rate Costing You?

The best MSPs in the business are working with an 80% utilization rate, and that means they can take on more clients—and the revenue they bring—without wasting resources or bringing on additional headcount. That kind of efficiency is the key to profitability. Ineffective utilization not only costs you lost revenue from existing clients but limits your opportunities for adding new revenue streams. Improving your utilization rates results in revenue growth, an increased ROI for employee wages, and even increased customer satisfaction through better ticket resolution times.

Our resource utilization calculator will help you determine your current utilization rate, reveal current and potential losses, and highlight areas for improvement. You can explore capacity for additional clients and revenue, and see how you stack up against best-in-class MSP utilization rates.

An effective resource utilization rate directly affects your company's profitability. Improving your utilization rate will deliver higher revenue, improved ROI on wages, faster ticket resolution times, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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