Introducing the TSP Marketing Journey education series

| By:
Scott Marshall

Marketing is a critical part of the growth of any business, but it can be challenging to figure out what works and what doesn’t. As your technology solution provider (TSP) business continues to add services and support your current clients, it’s easy to put building a marketing strategy on the backburner. Doing so can be detrimental to your business—especially if your competitors start ramping their efforts up.

The TSP Marketing Journey

As the Senior Vice President of Marketing at ConnectWise, I’ve not only seen our marketing efforts mature, but have seen how partners are taking new marketing techniques and experiencing remarkable growth. I’m taking this experience and passing it on to you in our TSP Marketing Journey webinar series.

In the series, I’ll share best practices to align your sales and marketing efforts, build prospect lists and pipeline, and introduce advanced techniques into your strategy.

The buyer’s journey: the foundation of your marketing strategy

All marketing strategies should focus on the buyer’s journey, and that’s no different for TSPs. The goal of marketing is to guide a prospect along the journey toward the ultimate goal of purchasing your product or services.

The buyer’s journey can be broken down into six stages: Unaware, Aware, Solution Education, Vendor Education, Economic Justification, and Purchase. Each stage will have different messaging. At the Unaware stage, you’ll be introducing your TSP to the prospect, while Solution Education will start identifying and solving a prospect’s business problems.

The buyer’s journey is also the main focus of our TSP Marketing Journey education series. Each part in the series will cover the different stages of your marketing and how it relates to the buyer’s journey. Your messaging, content, and strategy must align with the needs of your prospects, and it has to come at the right stage of their journey.

Our series will be broken up into different modules, starting with marketing essentials and building our way up to advanced techniques. Let’s go over what each module will cover.

101 – Essentials of TSP marketing

101 of the TSP Marketing Journey will cover the essentials of building a marketing strategy for your TSP. Every strategy has to start somewhere, and in marketing, the beginning is figuring out who you’re going to market to.

It’s easy to throw your marketing to every business you can think of, but not every business is right for your TSP. You need to figure out buyer personas and build a prospect database with your ideal customer.

Once you flesh out the buyer personas, you’ll be able to nail your messaging and speak directly to a prospect’s needs and pain points at the different stages of their journey, from building awareness to demonstrating the value of your services.

This leads to building your pipeline, meaning you’re engaging with prospects, having conversations or sharing valuable content, and nurturing relationships that turn them into customers.

201 – Building on the basics

In 201 of the TSP Marketing Journey series, we’ll build upon what we introduced in 101 so you can start creating content, getting it in front of prospects, and measuring its success.

The best performing content isn’t done by accident. There are certain things that simply resonate with people, and they’ve become best practices. We’ll dive into these practices for content development, like emails and your website. This will include everything from what content works, structure, CTAs, and more.

Beyond the content, you need to know how everything is performing and use that information to optimize your campaigns. Even if you provide the best content around, it won’t matter if people don’t see it. We’ll discuss how to measure your campaigns effectively. For emails, that includes open rates and clicks. For your website, you’ll look for visits and time spent on the site.

Finally, we’ll show you what those numbers mean and how you can measure yourself against industry standards. This will allow you to make the right changes to your messaging, content, or overall strategy to ensure you’re hitting your numbers and building your pipeline.

301 – Advanced marketing techniques

301 of the TSP Marketing Journey will be up to you. After you watch the first two parts, we want to hear from you and what topics you want to learn more about. Everyone’s marketing needs are different, and we want to provide the best resources we can.

We’ll also touch on some advanced marketing techniques to implement after you’ve mastered the basics, like data management, social media, paid search, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Putting it all together

After watching, you’ll truly understand the buyer’s journey and your role in guiding your customers along their path by providing relevant content at every stage. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and you’ll need to make an investment in time, money, and resources to get the results you want. But that investment will be well worth it when you start seeing growth, both in customers and revenue.

Be sure to register for our first webinar in the TSP Marketing Journey education series about crafting your messaging, and stay tuned for other webinars, podcasts, blogs, and resources.