How to generate IT and managed services quotes in minutes

| By:
Molly Lindsay

It’s the start of a new year, and the expression “time is money” has never felt truer. Managed service providers (MSPs) around the world are looking at the year ahead and discussing how to grow and scale their businesses. 

One of the key tools in any MSP’s growth toolbox is sales—and part and parcel of this is the ability to quickly generate managed services quotes for new and existing customers. But generating quotes can often be a time-consuming, manual process. MSPs want their quotes to be accurate, enticing and to look professional, but they also have to balance sales efforts against many other functions crucial to running an MSP business.

With better sales software, MSPs can save time and deliver automated, professional quotes. In fact, our Total Economic Impact™ of the ConnectWise Platform report found that our ConnectWise Sell software saves companies two hours per quote. That’s two whole hours back for other business-critical functions—including customer work, new business pitches, and more. 

So what does it take to generate managed services quotes in minutes, not hours? 

We’ll walk through some key, time-saving steps in this blog.

Set up templates

The time of labor-intensive Excel-based quotes is over. Your quote management software should have templates that can be reused across clients and prospects. Ideally, these templates allow for customization, such as your logo and other branding elements. These details can make quotes stand out and look beautiful—and they save tons of time. Instead of tinkering with standard details (like addresses) and line items, MSPs can quickly fill in client-specific information and hit “send.” 

Good sales software will also allow you to automate elements such as pricing discounts—so your business’ margins stay healthy and consistent.

Start by creating a template—or set of templates—that work for your MSP, the types of clients you serve, and the procurement and payment processes they follow. Then, you’ll have the building blocks set up for generating future quotes and invoices.

Integrate with apps

Cisco… Dell… Ingraham… Microsoft Dynamics. No matter the customer relationship management (CRM) vendor, a good quoting platform will integrate easily with your favorite software tools. It should be able to draw customer data from the CRM to quickly populate quotes and customize information relevant to each account. This reduces the silos of information across your business and gives your sales team the ability to see what’s going on with each potential customer—including when they opened quotes and interacted with them.

Once you have a template you like, hook up your quoting tool to your CRM and import the data you need. Now, you’re ready to start sending.

Automate as much as possible

How many hours a week do you spend following up with clients on quotes? What about renewals for contracts, or warranties? 

Automate as much of these processes as possible. For example, automatic reminders are a timesaver, and they can help keep payments and business on schedule. Once you’ve sent out a quote, set up automatic reminders to gently nudge clients until they complete their action item. 

Making signing and starting a breeze

Once a client is interested in working with an MSP, you want starting a project to be as easy and pain-free as possible. The right sales tool will allow clients to easily sign the agreement and kick off procurement automatically. You spend less time on back and forth, the work gets started faster, and everyone is happier.

Quoting a great 2021

ConnectWise Sell has all of the capabilities mentioned above, and then some. With ConnectWise Sell, MSPs are able to create templates that look great, integrate with their favorite CRM tools, communicate information back to sales and, when a customer is ready to sign, start the work ASAP.

In the words of Chad Paalman, the CEO NuWave Technology Partners: 

“ConnectWise Sell has been a game-changer for us. I’m almost embarrassed to talk about how we did it before ConnectWise Sell. It has allowed us to automate so many functions within the quoting, the pricing, and the sale of the things we offer to our clients.”

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, including MSPs. Regardless of size or focus, MSPs need a sales tool to generate dynamic quotes that integrate seamlessly, reduce the amount of siloed information, and make starting work a snap. With ConnectWise Sell, we help all kinds of MSPs save time, send better quotes, and work more efficiently…. And you can quote us on that!