ConnectWise and the future of RMM software

| By:
Topher Barrow

The time for RMM software innovation has reached a pivotal moment. Customer demands are changing, and reliance on technology is at an all-time high. What does this mean for you? 

There’s a demand for uptime, and it’s no longer optional. Because of this, the number of solutions for customers’ needs is increasing as well. There’s also the ongoing concern around securing end customers. With all this in mind, technology demands are changing too. And as the MSP, you’re now expected to manage more cloud, user-management, SAAS apps, IoT, and more setups than ever before.

It’s a lot, and we recognize the high expectations that MSPs and ITSPs must meet to deliver excellent service to their clients, and they expect the same from the vendors they partner with. In order to meet market demands, ITSPs and MSPs need to evaluate their current product stack to determine if they’re taking advantage of cutting-edge technology that enables rapid innovation and scale. 

To address these challenges and set you up for success, we’re working to bring RMM software into the modern era, building it on an innovative cloud architecture to offer amazing benefits to MSPs, including a partnership to help them be successful. Here’s the vision for ConnectWise RMM:

Discover the ConnectWise Platform

Best-in-class performance: The ConnectWise Platform is a modern cloud architecture designed to provide IT Solution Providers unmatched flexibility, performance, extensibility, and security necessary to meet the growing demands of the SMB market. Delivering the full spectrum of functionality that ConnectWise partners are accustomed to experiencing, and going many levels beyond that, this platform delivers versatility and innovation that can adjust quickly to changing use cases and needs, all through a single user-interface. 

Infinite scalability: ConnectWise understands that the future of IT demands are growing exponentially and that MSPs are growing organically via mergers. ITSPs are expected to adapt to the increasing market needs of their clients, and they require a platform that can scale beyond their current limits and ensure uptime and consistent service delivery. 

Rapid innovation and development: You want enhancements, and you want them fast! The ConnectWise Platform empowers our ability to easily remove technical debt and streamline the development cycle for all products. With the ability to apply shared services across all products, duplicate work can be removed from the development flow and valuable enhancements are delivered much faster and across more products.

Next-level security posture: With security being the number one concern for MSPs, we’ve put this as a top priority for the new RMM toolset. We are dedicated to protecting the data, applications, and infrastructure of our platform. We have invested heavily in proactive and preventative protection, so you can be confident that your data and systems are safe. This not only removes some of the burdens on you and your team but it increases the security stance and decreases your security risk ecosystem.

Experience the power of choice

Expanded ecosystem solutions: The value of the ConnectWise platform isn’t just within its suite of products. Its value extends to all third-party integrators, and our vast list is expanding to include centralized access through ConnectWise RMM. Not to mention, a single API set allows integrators to take advantage of even more functionality to save you time and headache. 

Single intuitive user interface: ConnectWise RMM supplies you with the most robust automation of any RMM software, putting powerful automation and orchestration capabilities at your fingertips. Its features make it easy for your team to execute even the most complex tasks. The fully customizable features meet the needs of any MSP, IT solution provider, or end-client environment, all with a simplified, easy-to-use, and deploy, application. Backed by smart tickets and alert-based triggers, service providers can take an even more proactive and hands-off approach when desired.

Customize to partner demands: Whether you’re looking for an extremely customizable and powerful automation powerhouse or an out-of-the-box solution with built-in automation, ConnectWise RMM has you covered. We brought together the first solution to offer you a customized solution based on how you deliver the server to your customers, including a fully configured DIY solution to a done-for-you approach with outsourced options to help you grow and scale.

Pave the way for extreme innovation

Latest and greatest innovation: The new ConnectWise RMM Platform will offer innovation like never before. With the extensibility to manage other endpoint management solutions such as Microsoft InTune, security and backup solutions, and even other RMM tools, ConnectWise RMM gives you the control you need from within the solutions you use daily!

Enhanced reporting and data insight: As end-client technology environments become increasingly complex, MSPs and IT solution providers must identify new ways of leveraging data and predictive analytics to make smarter and better-informed decisions about their businesses. Today, many providers find themselves drowning in alerts, logs, and ticketing information, with little ability to accurately manage critical KPIs such as per-client profitability, technology ROI, or the efficiency of their service delivery. 

Powerful automation backed by AI and machine learning: A rising tide lifts all boats. With the ability to take advantage of the information aggregated from millions of endpoints, the ConnectWise RMM Intellimon driven by AI allows all MSPs to continuously have the most up-to-date automation built into their solution. This enables MSPs to stay ahead of the tech pitfalls that may impact them and their customers. Staying ahead of the curve allows them to avoid risks and protect all stakeholders from potential negative impacts.

Our commitment to our partners has always been the driving force behind how we innovate, and as RMM demands have changed, we’re filling the gaps that other RMM tools miss. Our investment in this platform is to offer you stability and future-proof RMM for MSPs. And we can promise you, this is only the beginning. Our goal with ConnectWise RMM and ConnectWise Asio is to set you up for success with the inclusion of additional ConnectWise products to the platform in the near future.