4 reasons why MSP 501 List-ers switched to ConnectWise Automate

| By:
Brett Cheloff

We wanted to know why technology solution providers (TSPs) switched to ConnectWise Automate®, formerly LabTech, from other remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions so that we could develop a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

We talked to the top performing TSPs to uncover exactly what they needed and wanted from a RMM solution, in order get them to switch from their current system.

Here are the 4 things these industry leaders had on their wish lists:
#1: A strong sense of community

Top performing TSPs didn’t want to just purchase a software platform; they looked to cultivate the right partnership and opportunities for their business.

According to Chuck Lobert, the Vice President of Sales and Technology for Vision Computer Solutions, his last IT management solution provider “…didn’t give us a feeling they cared about our business at all.” That’s why he and his team switched to ConnectWise Automate.

The resources, 24/7 support, and partnership model with ConnectWise Automate encourage positive interactions, and help develop a lasting partnership. ConnectWise Automate also hosts the large industry event, Automation Nation, to provide partners with even more opportunities to meet other industry leaders through in-person and virtual events.

#2: Single platform for IT management

IT management is complex, especially for TSPs. Many must juggle between different platforms to accomplish everything they need to do. Since ConnectWise Automate was developed by IT service providers with hands-on experience in the IT services industry, it’s designed to be able to meet the unique needs of TSPs.

Companies choose it to achieve increased visibility into clients’ IT networks, which allows for proactive client support. The automation capabilities in ConnectWise Automate allow TSPs to better allocate staff time to more complex projects. ConnectWise Automate's remote capabilities ensure TSPs can provide top-level support to clients around the world.

#3: Increased overall efficiency

The highest performing TSPs are constantly finding ways to increase their overall efficiency. This is what makes them profitable.  ConnectWise Automate comes out-of-the-box with more than 500 monitors, and alerts based on Microsoft® and IT industry best practices, as well as 300+ built-in scripts and pre-configured groups. This saves TSPs time by eliminating the need to develop these solutions themselves.

One of the main reasons TSPs switch to ConnectWise Automate is because of the existing training, resources, and scripts ConnectWise Automate provides.

According to Matt Treacy, the Service Delivery Manager at Origin IT, the transition to ConnectWise Automate was “…fairly easy in the end.” The old program the company used required a consultant to come in to create a project, despite having a full-time administrator. With ConnectWise Automate, they find themselves with increased autonomy to accomplish projects on their own.

#4: Support for third-party integrations

One-size-fits-all solutions often fail to fit the needs of different organizations. ConnectWise Automate's RMM solution allows the top TSPs to customize the program with third-party integrations to better meet their changing needs.

With powerful features such as remote access and process automation tools, ConnectWise Automate's synergy platform enables technicians to methodically and accurately resolve client issues. The Synergy Platform is effective at resolving issues with Backup and Storage, Desktop Management, PSAs and BMPs, Security, Server and Network Management, as well as a host of other needs and systems.

Most TSPs choose ConnectWise Automate because of our obsession with partner success. We want to help your company succeed through efficiency, integration, and a sense of community. Find out more about what your industry leaders have to say about ConnectWise Automate in our case study library.