Why choose ConnectWise CPQ for quote and proposal automation?

| By:
Parker Trojanowski

Managed service providers (MSPs) face countless challenges in today's demanding business environment. Of course, sales are no exception: manual pricing, quoting, and product sourcing only perpetuates inefficient cycles. The potential cost? Hundreds of hours per week—as well as organization-wide morale.

Did you know that sales teams only spend 37% of their time actually selling? Poor time management can lead to critical revenue loss.

Common quoting challenges include:

A lack of integration between quoting tools and professional service automation (PSA) or customer relationship management (CRM) software

Sales representatives spend only 18% of their time using CRM systems, opting instead for seemingly simpler alternatives. For example, nearly 10% of a rep’s time is dedicated to manually updating spreadsheets—a far more time-consuming and error-prone approach to client and data management. However, not using CRMs isn’t always an access problem. Many software are simply frustrating, driven by needlessly complex or ineffective technology.

Quoting errors due to pricing or formatting problems, or manual verbiage updates

Manual pricing is tedious and subject to human error. In the event of a mistake—which can result in serious consequences—sales teams must start from scratch, dragging on an already-lengthy process.

Poor prospect or customer experience

In today’s competitive landscape, prospects and customers expect more faster. Pricing errors, delays, and a lack of visibility into customer interactions can negatively impact prospect or customer experience.

Missed upselling or cross-selling opportunities

Inefficient time management, frequent errors, and organizational challenges don’t just impact day-to-day workflows. They also result in missed opportunities—including those with game-changing potential.

Purchases made after quotes are won

Procuring the parts needed after a quote is won is crucial to successfully deliver what a customer has purchased. Efficiently sourcing and ordering parts when a deal is won is critical to a smooth sales handoff.

Luckily, these obstacles aren’t insurmountable. You can emerge victorious with the right tools and strategies. With ConnectWise CPQ®, you can drive your sales cycle forward and win the day for both your team and your customers.

Here’s how ConnectWise CPQ can help:

Clear, comprehensive visibility transforms customer relationships

Insights matter. By integrating ConnectWise PSA® (our award-winning PSA software) and ConnectWise CPQ, you gain groundbreaking visibility into the entire sales cycle. Effortlessly build a fuller picture of your prospects and customers—including their entire journey, from start to finish—and streamline your sales handoff along the way.

A new approach to quotes and proposals can radically simplify pricing

Let your team focus on your bottom line, not spreadsheets. ConnectWise CPQ provides custom templates, real-time pricing, price automation, multi-level approvals, interactive quotes, and more. The result? A pricing process that keeps you and your team in control, especially when it matters most.

Automation drives efficiency and growth

In today’s rapidly digitizing world, innovation is a necessity. That’s why automating your sales cycle can make all the difference, both now and down the line. Your team can stop wasting crucial time on tedious, morale-draining tasks and say goodbye to the inefficiencies of manual sales processes.

  • Get real-time CRM updates—no action necessary
  • Optimize your own pricing rules to protect your margins and predict revenue
  • Secure valuable service discounts
  • Maximize your sales representatives’ efficiency by analyzing customer interactions (and fine-tune your touchpoints along the way)
  • Build a smarter procurement process with electronic order fulfillment

Newfound flexibility improves both internal and customer-facing processes

With ConnectWise CPQ, expanding your quote options can be simpler than ever. Doing so gives your customers the flexibility to upsell themselves and different options for contract levels and other technicalities. After all, delivering a standout experience often comes down to one thing: letting your customers feel like they’re in control of their journey.

Automating your sales cycle might seem daunting. ConnectWise CPQ makes it easy, whether you’re reimagining your process from the ground up or simply fine-tuning minor workflows. Eliminating manual data entry, human error, and complicated technology gets your team back to its most crucial task: sales.

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