The evolution of ConnectWise Control

| By: Jeff Bishop

From a new name, to a new website, and now, a strategic content migration from to, the mission CEO Arnie Bellini presented from the mainstage at IT Nation 2016—to “unify and simplify” everything—continues for the remote support and access solution formerly known as ScreenConnect.

Let’s look back at its history to get a better understanding of its transformation over the past few years, and to understand where we’re going in 2018.

2009: The ScreenConnect origin story

The story of ScreenConnect begins back in 2009 when we noticed a big gap in the remote access and support tools offering that was available on the market. ScreenConnect was built to be the remote control software that has it all: remote access, customization, remote meetings, cutting-edge security, reliable connectivity, and lightning-fast speed.

Our goal was to keep it simple and make sure it worked. We also kept communication lines open between us, our partners, and the tech community. We reviewed every request that came in and made sure we were using that feedback to fuel development. This strategy helped us modify the software to scale with the needs of our partners and with what we were seeing in the industry.

2015: A family of super-powered solutions

In 2015, we joined ConnectWise, LLC. and through a powerful integration with ConnectWise Automate® (their remote monitoring and management system) ScreenConnect became part of a tightly connected family of IT business management solutions.

With similar development philosophies and an unmatched commitment to delivering its partners the most extraordinary solutions in the global marketplace, the move just made sense.

2016: A new name

A year later from the mainstage at IT Nation, ConnectWise CEO, Arnie Bellini, debuted the new company-wide strategy that would unify all products under one umbrella and promised an ongoing march toward simplification, beginning with new names for the four core solutions. This included ScreenConnect, now rebranded as ConnectWise Control®.

2018: What’s next for ConnectWise Control

The next stride in the march toward streamlining and unification for ConnectWise Control is housing all former ScreenConnect content in one location, giving everyone one source of truth for product and company news.

Change is a deliberate process that requires painstaking dedication to communicating clearly. Fortunately, since day one we’ve kept that open line of communication with partners, and will continue to let their needs – your needs—and the changing tides of the industry shape the development of ConnectWise Control.