IT Nation 2016 keynote: new names, same powerful ConnectWise

| By: Craig Fulton

When you get a chance to gather the brightest minds in the technology solutions industry, and treat them like family, you want to make the most of it. So, naturally, we pull out all the stops when planning every IT Nation event, and this year was no exception. We always aim high at offering the best in sessions that educate and energize, and judging by crowd response, I think it’s safe to say we’ve hit the mark again. And somewhere between product training, thought leadership, and networking, attendees always enjoy plenty of the ConnectWise-style conference fun that’s nothing short of legendary.

But when it was time for the 2016 keynote address from our CEO Arnie Bellini, all eyes and ears were on center stage. And for good reason. No one wanted to miss the unveiling of the latest chapter in our ConnectWise story – a strategic unification and simplification of our brand, including new product names and a completely redesigned website.

In a way, this chapter has been a long time in the writing. Because our mission has always been to provide partners with powerful tools to help build success, ConnectWise has selectively grown the company’s core over the years by acquiring best-of-the-best innovative solutions in the marketplace. And while those additions to the ConnectWise family shared the same goals and commitment, they lacked being connected by name. So, what’s in a name? Identity. Recognition. Association. We’ve renamed our products to make them easy to identify as a unified collection of solutions with a shared roadmap.

Straight to the point and easy to remember, our new branding names speak directly to their purpose and strengths:

To streamline process for an easier user experience, one UI now provides access to all four products.

While changing names and giving the website a new look are certainly milestones in the ConnectWise history, our products, platform functionality and user experience remain business-as-usual.  In reality, we’ve always been one company, so the real difference now is that is we’ve unified all of our solutions to simplify your success. And you can continue to count on the ConnectWise team backing your business end-to-end, every step of your journey.

Check out the new ConnectWise website today and look for the IT Nation video recap coming soon.