See your feedback in action with ConnectWise 2016.5 (now ConnectWise Manage)

| By:
Linda Brotherton

We’ve got exciting news about the ConnectWise 2016.5 (now ConnectWise Manage®) release: at long last, your most requested update is here! But of course, we didn’t stop there.

We’re introducing a host of other brain friendly enhancements that are specifically designed to infuse your day-to-day operations with a little extra efficiency. When you add up all the minutes you’re saving, that really amounts to something big!

Without further ado, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come with this long-awaited update.
Merge tickets - #1 partner requested update!

Who wants to deal with the chaos of managing multiple tickets that relate to the same issue? Not you. This highly requested feature lets you consolidate multiple tickets into one, eliminating hassle and streamlining this aspect of your day.

Copy tickets

Bid adieu! to ticketing déjà-vu. When a familiar request comes in from a client that you’ve already handled for a different one, just copy the entire previous ticket (tasks, configurations, documents, and all), and save yourself the headache of recreating the wheel, or in this case, the ticket.

List view dialing

Here’s a little time back, just for you. Save the extra minutes you’d spend drilling into a contact’s record. Now, you can call your contacts directly from the List View, as long as their phone number is included.

Agreement enhancements

Rearrange your Agreements Screen view the way you like it with added customization capabilities. For extra convenience, you can now access agreements via your web browser, too. This update also lets you sort and group line items to improve invoice readability for your clients.

Sales order workflow rules

The days of scanning mile-long lists for sales order updates are officially over. Now you can establish workflow rules that will trigger notifications for sales orders that meet the specified conditions you’ve set in place.

ConnectWise CampaignDirector™ (now ConnectWise Campaign™) Enhancements

Social media marketing is a cinch. Schedule your updates to auto-publish to the platform of your choice, and track their effectiveness, all within ConnectWise Campaign. And did we mention improved contact-level reporting, expanded HTML editing capabilities, and more customization options?

These little snippets are just a teaser for the real thing. If you really want to see how these updates lead to an improved user experience, see what's new!