Never miss a chat again with ConnectWise Control 6.0

| By: Jeff Bishop

We strive to create the best products that money can buy and in doing so we rely on our customer feedback to help guide us in the right direction. We wanted to know what you thought about ConnectWise Control®—and you answered!

After much research and hours spent pouring over your feedback, our dream team knocked heads to come up with the features you wanted without sacrificing any of what you needed. What we’ve cooked up can only be described as the crème de la crème of remote assistance software.

Introducing the new and improved ConnectWise Control, now available for download!

With loads of new features, ConnectWise Control not only blows away the competition, it will blow away your expectations as well! One such feature, our new notifications element, brings together sound and visual cues so you never accidentally leave a guest hanging and can manage multiple guest chats simultaneously.

The chat notification feature displays an icon on the technician’s host page and plays a sound to alert them of an unread message. When a guest sends a message, a sound chimes and an icon appears next to the session group. With an unread message, chat notifications pop up next to the session group and several other conspicuous areas.

Once acknowledged, the notification icon disappears until the guest sends another message.

No more missed messages. No more forgotten chats. No more waiting on guests.

ConnectWise Control 6.0 will help you and your team be more productive and better able to multitask without losing a beat.