Grow your customer service presence with chat

| By:
Craig Fulton

Providing a stellar experience and running as efficiently as possible can sometimes prove to be a challenge in today’s support world. Fortunately, if you’ve got the right equipment, it’s no sweat. Chat tools enhance your help desk efficiency so you can give your customers the one-on-one attention they crave (and bolster your reputation for high-quality service which can lead to referrals).

As part of your arsenal of customer support software, a chat solution gives you the ability to simultaneously supercharge your techs’ productivity while closing tickets at a higher rate.

When multiple chats can be manned by one operator it allows for more than a single service ticket to be addressed at one time. Chat queues, for example, can direct customers to technicians and resources that have expertise pertaining to their particular issue or question. Your operators go from reactive to proactive issue resolution, crushing concerns quickly and with confidence.

Using a chat solution is like gaining multitasking superpowers. Now these team members can see which queues and technicians are experiencing the highest volume of traffic, so they can appropriately schedule and place operators with diverse skillsets where they can be the most productive.

Instill confidence in your team, boost business productivity, AND offer unmatched customer service—does such a tool exist?!

Yes, it does. And if you’re a ConnectWise Manage® partner, you can easily have it!

ConnectWise Chat is a tool available within ConnectWise Manage. Chat syncs seamlessly with the ConnectWise suite, making it easy to update tickets and activities. It also utilizes the lightning fast remote control from ConnectWise Control® (formerly ScreenConnect) to make the experience even better for your techs and customers.

The benefits for your help desk are limitless with efficiency-driving tools like ConnectWise Chat.