Expand your brand: white labeling your remote support tool

| By: Jeff Bishop

White-label branding, better known as white labeling, is the popular practices of branding a tool made by another company as your own. Within the IT environment, white labeling makes a ton of sense. Establishing yourself and your brand is vital in a constantly changing industry. Imagine trying to re-create every tool in-house, just to brand it…you’d waste so much time trying to keep up.

Remote access tools and help desk ticket management systems are just two of the more popular options available for white labeling. When evaluating a remote access solution, there are certain features you need.


Odds are, your business operates differently than other companies. You need partners capable of customizing their solution to perfectly meet your needs. For instance, ConnectWise Control® offers over 300 customizable resource strings to make the application look and function exactly like you need it to. You want the ability to brand it with your own logo or company name and select just the features you need.


When you’re investing in a tool, make sure it’s the best on the market. You’re putting your name on it, so you don’t want a slow, dysfunctional tool representing your company to clients. Make sure that the white-labeled tool you use is fast, so clients and end users remember excellent service and not slow speed.


With remote access tools, there are many white label capable options on the market, but not all are created equal. Some remote access tools are extremely limited, only allowing technicians to access one screen at a time, limiting efficiency. ConnectWise Control enables technicians to gain remote access into multiple computers at the same time and multiple technicians can collaborate using the same session. Plus, a host page allows technicians to see everything they need to know about machine performance before logging on.

White-labeled tools should not be complicated or add work to your internal processes. Be prepared to ask solutions creators how their tool helps your unique process. ConnectWise Control offers advanced features, customization, increased speed, and efficiency as a trusted white-labeled partner.