Discover more functionality in ConnectWise Control 6.0

| By: Jeff Bishop

I’m really excited to announce the 6.0 release. This latest version provides a host of enhancements ranging from improvements in our Mac and Linux clients, to the ability to support unattended Android devices. And, most importantly, everyone will be able to enjoy these and other improvements through the lens of the brand new UI.

So, what additions will you see in 6.0? Here are some of the highlights:
1. Brand new UI

The host page has been updated with several new changes to help better organize and present data.

2. Visual alerts for chat

Incoming or waiting chatting messages now have a visual alert on the host page so techs know someone needs help.

3. Wake lock

This provides the ability to prevent machines from going to sleep during sessions.

4. Optional privacy settings

You can automatically block guest input and blank monitors when you want.

5. Launch URL’s

A new resource string was added to launch URL’s at the end of a session, which is great for directing people to surveys.

6. New chat options

You can now expose the chat functionality out to the Guest page to help get sessions started.

7. Unattended Android client - coming soon

Install the app on Android devices so that techs can hop on and control them, even if no one is around. This is great for digital signage, kiosks, and various OEM devices.

8. Mac/Linux

We added Reboot and Reconnect, Personal Toolbox, and the ability to select a specific monitor to share in meetings.

In conjunction with 6.0, we have released several updates to our mobile applications, and a few new additions to our extension marketplace. Some of the most notable include integrations with: Slack, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and ServiceNow.

I want to make sure and thank our focus group who reviewed the alpha release of 6.0. We received a ton of great feedback from everyone, which really helped us craft the final release. Much of their feedback we included in 6.0, while other suggestions were reviewed and added to the 6.1 release.

From the entire team here in Raleigh and Tampa, we hope everyone enjoys the new functionality. Hopefully it puts back a few minutes into your day, and takes a little stress off your shoulders.