Take control of your success with ConnectWise Manage 2016.4

| By:
Linda Brotherton

In our mission to power your success, we’ve formulated new time-saving features that give you the ability to act proactively, gain greater control of your operations, and offer a better customer experience your clients won’t soon forget. In the ConnectWise Manage® 2016.4 release, you’ll see your input reflected in our enhancements. Here are the top six:

Follow a ticket

This enhancement eliminates inbox clutter from ticket update notifications, so you don’t have to go sorting through a mountain of emails to find the information you want. Now, you can create a feed for tickets you want to follow in a separate screen, and stop email notifications from those tickets without losing visibility.

Mass action - add a project team

Ready to assemble your project dream team with the click of a button? Instead of adding resources to a project one by one, you can now assign an entire work team to a project in one fell swoop.

Chat enhancements

Now available on Mac, deliver a seamless experience with new enhancements to ConnectWise Chat. Remote control using ScreenConnect, now ConnectWise Control®, within Chat. You can chat against activities and sync schedules into the Manage calendar screen.

Pick and ship products faster

Wow your clients with a reduced turnaround time for delivering products with this enhancement that allows you to pick and ship multiple products from the purchase and purchase approvals screen.

Social media

Learn more about your prospects, and continue building rapport with your clients by getting with this new feature that lets you link contact profiles to their social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Invoicing in the new UI

The updated user interface brings new streamlining features to the invoice screen, giving you access to an Audit Trail, movable pods, pagination, and record counts displayed on each tab.  Now, existing invoices will be accessible from the browser.

And this is just the beginning! Learn how to harness the power of these new features and more to boost profit and save time at your business.