You asked and we listened: ConnectWise Control 6.0 is here

| By: Jeff Bishop

We greatly value the feedback of our customers and to prove that we’ve made a quite a few fantastic upgrades to our remote support software, ConnectWise Control®, to not only help bring your business to the next level, but to make your remote assistance experience better also. So, without further ado, we present to you ConnectWise Control 6.0, our newest heavy hitter in remote assistance.

With ConnectWise Control 6.0, we’ve tweaked a few items to improve functionality and overall usage, but where it really shines brightest are the great new features we’ve introduced in response to customer feedback.

Better user interface

We’ve redesigned the UI to provide a more intuitive work space that makes it easier for technicians to work with multiple groups, navigate between machines, find additional information when needed and more. The first thing you’ll notice is the newly designed host page that has evolved to an easier- to-navigate four- column layout. We’ve also changed the navigation panel for selecting session types. In addition, we’ve also included a new indicator light and audible alert to notify technicians when a guest needs help. By doing so, this gives technicians the freedom to work on other pages or applications without missing a request.

Enhancements for Mac and Linux users

The inclusion of a personal toolbox now gives technicians on Mac and Linux operating systems an experience similar to Windows. Now you have the ability to manage a local toolbox and use the item in-session along with the option to choose to share a single monitor with guests. Also, when screen sharing, the document panel is now hidden from the guest’s view. Additionally, technicians now have unattended access for Android devices.

Updated extensions and much more

We’ve updated the extensions for ConnectWise Control 6.0 to better assist our customer’s needs and wants. We’ve also installed a new widget that provides guests with the option to chat with a technician before fully connecting to a session. To aid technician’s with their remote chats, we’ve included a new property in the session detail panel that shows the elapsed time since the guest’s machine last connected to the ConnectWise Control 6.0 server.

Additional ConnectWise Control enhancements also provide faster connection times and speedier sessions with more opportunities to customize. Not only can partners easily change ConnectWise Control from English to a multitude of other languages and better meet the needs of their end users, they also have the ability to implement their own company branding across the platform to increase visibility and build recognition for their own businesses.

With an easier to navigate interface, added extensions and a whole host of new features, ConnectWise Control 6.0 is the best and fastest iteration yet. To watch ConnectWise Control 6.0 in action, head over to our YouTube video.