Connect to your life with ConnectWise

| By: Jeff Bishop

Do you feel like you’re spending too much time working IN your business that you have no time left to work ON your business—or do anything else for that matter? Maybe you wish you had more freedom to take a break without worrying that everything might fall apart without you. Perhaps you’ve been sacrificing quality family time to keep your business afloat.

This is the business owners’ dilemma: work, sleep, family, fitness, or friends: pick three But they say you’ll never look back on your life and wish you’d spent more time working.

Let us help you keep your business running smoothly so you can recoup some time in your day and be more present for the other areas of your life that keep getting put on the back burner.

Let’s start with your entrepreneurial journey

First, let’s talk a little bit about you, your business, and the journey you’re embarking on so as not to be tied down to your work

Phase 1: Muscle and feel
You’re muscling your way to more business and feeling your way to more success. The problem? You’re doing so many things that now, you’re mentally tapped out. We’ll discuss how to solve this later.

Phase 2: Managing to what good looks like
Consider what defines success is and set expectations. The key here is patience: it might take about 18 months to make the transition to this stage. Don’t mistake leadership and influence with the ability to manage.

Phase 3: Building teams and strategy
This should ultimately become your new job—building leadership and management teams, not simply just focusing on the day-to-day operations of the business.

Phase 4: Leading toward legacy
At this phase, you become more focused on the bigger picture—the impact you have on others. Your goal now becomes determining how you can redefine or restructure your life and your business to make a difference for your employees, the community, and the industry.

Now that you have a roadmap to success, how do you get there? Here’s the technical how-to: the power of automation.

Automated access to information when it’s needed

Do you waste time searching for answers to questions that should be readily available? Better yet, do you make your way around the office asking others for answers that are only stored in their heads? Most companies have a ‘superstar’ in their company who relies on his/her brain vault to track information. This is not sustainable.

Getting centralized access to information can assist with this problem. With sales, service issues, billing, and reports in a single system, you’ll be able to create seamless, automated, and standardized processes that you can grow with.

Even better, everyone has access to customer information. This makes each team member an instant expert and gives you more free time to focus on other things—like relaxing on the beach. You deserve it.

Service delivery excellence

Do you find yourself managing multiple systems to complete your service delivery workflow—email, spreadsheets, documents, portals, etc.? When your team uses disparate systems to manage your customer interactions, you run the risk of losing control of the entire process and having important items fall through the cracks. This is not so great for your stress levels!

In order to have accurate information, you need to have a process in place to track the information you need and a way to make it easy for your employees to do their jobs with the least amount of error. This is why ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate are so helpful—they both allow you to multitask and deliver excellent service, even while you’re focusing on keeping track of information.

With ConnectWise Manage®, every issue is captured as a service ticket. With this tool, you can offer multiple, convenient ways for clients to submit an issue: email, phone, chat, or portal. All communication is documented in one centralized system that can be accessed by any employee, anytime. Plus, the dispatch portal ensures each issue is appropriately assigned for faster resolution so you can stress less.

Leverage ConnectWise Automate® to enhance your IT service team with flexible remote monitoring and management software. Gain better visibility into managed devices and eliminate blind spots in your supported environments before they become a problem. ConnectWise Automate also helps to remove delivery roadblocks by automating recurring tasks that can free up valuable time and help support more endpoints without adding headaches or head count.

Remote support that just works

Anytime, anywhere access lets you remotely control devices and help your customers whether they’re around the corner, or across the world.

Work looks very different today than it did years ago. We’re no longer confined to a physical workplace address. So long as work is completed, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. With remote support, you can take that trip you’ve been wanting to take and relax knowing that you can save the day in seconds from your desktop, Android, iOS, or Windows device anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Featured product pairings: next level automation capabilities between key systems

Working in siloed systems and manually entering data leads to wasted time, inefficiencies, and an increase in errors. A broken process like this can be the difference between success (a happier, stress-free life) and failure (a stress-inducing work situation that negatively impacts other areas of your life).

So, what’s the fix? Integration. When your tools are designed to work seamlessly together, you can accomplish more in less time.

Perfect productivity pairings
ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Control

These two solutions work together to give your help desk team superpowers to save the day while you’re away. With ticketing, account and project management, reporting, and more, ConnectWise Manage ties all aspects of a technology business together under a single pane of glass, while ConnectWise Control helps you maintain superior levels of service delivery anytime, anywhere. Pairing ConnectWise Manage with ConnectWise Control® is a match made in service delivery heaven.

ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate

Time spent digging for information or consulting clients on the phone is time taken from something else. Add disjointed systems to the confusion, and the cost of slow resolution time and lengthy processes begin to pile up.

When two powerful solutions work as one, your service team has access to all the information they need to resolve issues quickly, as well as out-of-the-box automation capabilities to fix problems before they even reach the client.

ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell

Go ahead—breathe a sigh of relief. Our streamlined process will help your sales team finally become the sales team you built them to be. It’s all possible with ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell working together to make the sales process a breeze.

“Before, we had a number of disparate systems. We had agreements running from various spreadsheets. What ConnectWise allowed us to do was bring that information together into one place,” says Graham Wilson, Professional Services Manager at Techtonics Group Limited. “It gave us a single source of truth.”
Earn more. Stress less.

Ever feel like you’re missing out on possible revenue? Too often, time is left on the table as never collected—or even worse, the time was never invoiced. The gaps and manual tasks between service and finance are holding you back from bringing in the money you’ve worked so hard for! It’s a vicious and seemingly never-ending cycle.

With the right tools for the job, you can reduce manual tasks around invoicing and collections to boost cash flow. You started your business to achieve financial independence without being in the office 24/7. Imagine what you could do with extra cash in the bank and extra time on your hands. Put money back into your business or treat yourself. A weekend getaway? A two-week vacation? No judgment. The possibilities are endless.