2022 ConnectWise Business Management product updates you may have missed

| By:
Jake Varghese

IT solution providers (TSPs) are constantly evolving to effectively manage the technology their end users require. Our industry changed with the pandemic, the current economy is under pressure, the cloud continues its rapid progression, and customers have more and more devices to manage. It can feel chaotic and difficult to manage.

We discussed this chaos at IT Nation Connect 2022, describing it as the “infinite edge.” We also introduced the strategy for what our partners can focus on in 2023 to mange the chaos. As EVP and GM of ConnectWise Business Management portfolio, I am committed to ensuring that these solutions continue to support and innovate the way TSPs provide their services. The innovations announced at IT Nation are designed to save time, reduce costs, and improve customer and employee experience, which all help drive profitability. Click here to see all the announcements.

While we’re super excited about what we announced, there are even more innovations to share!

Round-robin ticket scheduling

ConnectWise PSA has introduced round-robin ticket scheduling designed to simplify and automate the way tickets are getting assigned to your teams. We’re so excited to bring this feature, as we know this has been a huge request from our partners. Now it is easy to define the right team of resources, map ticket types to skills, and let ConnectWise PSA do the assigning from there. Want to learn more? Check out the Round-Robin Release Notes.

ConnectWise CPQ punchout integrations with Amazon and Anixter

As you build quotes for your customers, we know it is common for products to be sourced directly from Amazon or Anixter, but it’s not always easy to get that information into the customer quote. Our ConnectWise CPQ product team saw the need and delivered the functionality! With the new punchout integrations to ConnectWise CPQ, you can easily go from the quote inside CPQ to a customer’s Amazon or Anixter accounts, fill up their carts, and import it into the quote in just a few clicks. Learn more about ConnectWise CPQ punchout integrations in the ConnectWise CPQ Release Notes.

ConnectWise CPQ + DocuSign integration

You can now enable DocuSign to drive signature collection on quotes. There are requirements in certain industries, such as signatures on every page of a document, that DocuSign delivers! If you require DocuSign to capture your signatures, learn more about this integration in the ConnectWise CPQ Release Notes.

New billing reconciliation integrations

Reconciling agreements with vendor usage data can be time consuming and frustrating, and that is why we introduced billing reconciliation was introduced about a year ago. The innovation didn’t stop there. The Business Management teams added more integrations to make billing reconciliation even easier—we’ve added integrations to ConnectWise MDR as well as business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) earlier this year, making it very easy to reconcile your ConnectWise PSA agreements. Click here to learn more about billing reconciliation for ConnectWise MDR.

Coming Soon: ITBoost in Customer Portal 

We are so excited about having ITBoost, a ConnectWise solution, in the Customer Portal in the near future. When it’s available your customers can self-serve using the knowledge base articles you make public for improved customer and employee experience! Keep your eye on the roadmap here to up to date on this and other upcoming releases! 

The ConnectWise Business Management team loves sharing what we’re working on and getting partner feedback. Please be sure to join us in our monthly product innovation webinars and check out the ConnectWise Virtual Community. Our team a big part of the Virtual Community, and you’ll also have the invaluable opportunity to collaborate with other ConnectWise partners.