The Top 5 Selling Points for Managed IT Services

| By: Geoffrey Willison

So, you’ve decided to venture into selling managed IT services to new or existing clients. Awesome! Whether you’re a former break-fix company or an OE dealer who’s planning on expanding your services, it's important to know the top selling points so you can show your prospects the real value of buying into a SaaS-based model. But where can you find such a list? Well right here, of course!

When you're a Continuum Partner, you receive all of the white labeled marketing content you need to repurpose and distribute in order to grow your business. Take the video below for instance! This short walk through is a quick introductory piece geared toward your SMB audience and explains the business value of partnering with MSPs like you. Using this video as a beginning guide, we will go through some of the top selling points for managed IT services.

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24x7 Coverage, 365 Days a Year

You don't want to be the abominable Blake Break-Fix, having to come in and fix client equipment when it’s the most inconvenient: Monday at 10am. A 24/7/365 service allows your clients and prospects to concentrate on what’s important, their business.

IT doesn't operate on the traditional 9 to 5 schedule. You never know when your clients will experience a service disruption, especially if they operate in different time zones. In today's world, IT never sleeps, but with fully managed technical support, you and your clients can!

Proactive vs. Reactive

Because of the 24/7/365 coverage, when a problem does arise, you can quickly remediate it before clients even know about it, or before it develops into a larger, more serious issue. That's the difference between proactive and reactive IT support. Without managed IT services, your clients wait until something malfunctions and then hope a technician stops by immediately to remediate the issue, all while suffering from downtime. Assure them that, if partnered with you, it will be the last time they will worry about surprise issues.

Fixed Monthly Cost

You understand the financial argument for managed IT services. With MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), you can accurately predict your revenue, and from that, plan for growth. That same predictability applies to your customers! While technology is an important role, it's important to sell these services from a business point of view. Most SMBs don't know what Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) can do for their business. Instead, focus on how these services will better their business.

Network Checks

This is a great way to get your foot in the door with new clients. Again, technology isn't their forte, so they likely won't recognize the warning signs for network health risks that could become more serious down the road. That's where you come in! By offering a free assessment of their network, you can point out all of these potential issues and vulnerabilities, demonstrating your value as their virtual CIO. With managed IT services, you can perform these business-saving network assessments on a regular basis to keep your client safe, secure and satisfied.

Not Just Software...

Remember, you're not just selling software, but a whole team of talented people who are dedicated to making life easier for you and your clients. Whether it's our Help Desk or NOC, we've got your back 100%. So if your prospects are worried they won't have a person to talk to on the phone when something goes wrong at 3 am on a Sunday, reassure them that there's a team of certified, highly-trained individuals who will attend to their IT issues promptly, courteously and professionally.