The 7 Components of a Complete Managed Network Service

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Guest Author

Your clients depend on you to run their IT network, which is a business-critical asset. Almost every app, system, and person in a modern company connects to the network. They rely on it to get things done.

So when your client’s network goes down, their business stops. Productivity plummets and revenue is jeopardized. And your relationship with your client is suddenly at risk, too.

Their network needs to just work—all the time. So your clients need a service provider who can operate their network effectively and reliably. They need you.

And when the network is the engine your client’s company runs on, they need complete and proactive network operations from you. They’re depending on it.

So what’s a complete managed network service?

There are 7 components to a complete managed network service.

  • Client knowledge –so you know exactly what your client requires and expects
  • Real-time awareness – so you know exactly what’s happening on your client networks at all times
  • Controlled access – so you can manage user access and network device credentials in one secure location
  • Network continuity – so you can get client networks back up and running quickly when disaster strikes
  • Integrated workflows – so your processes are as efficient as possible
  • Reporting – so you can demonstrate your value
  • Network expertise – so you can deliver top-notch service

Providing all 7 of these components will ensure you’re safeguarding your clients’ network operations and delivering on the trust they place in you.

Providing all 7 of these components will also give you a leg up on your IT service provider peers. Most MSPs aren’t providing comprehensive network services.

That’s because delivering comprehensive network operations is hard.

So let’s make it simpler.

You have great tools for seeing and managing servers and endpoints, but not network infrastructure. That means managing network infrastructure is a highly manual activity. You or your techs are manually installing probes, building VPN tunnels, logging into CLIs— device, by device, by device—typing in ‘show’ commands, and parsing what comes back.

Despite tremendous advances in every other area of IT, there just hasn’t been a system that lets you easily see, manage, and automate network infrastructure in the way that’s needed to deliver truly effective network operations. Until now.

Auvik’s cloud-based system gives you the infrastructure visibility and control you need to offer a complete managed network service, all based on best practices.

With Auvik, you can:
  • Visualize and know everything on a client network in real time
  • Securely manage credentials and network access for every tech on your team
  • Quickly pinpoint root causes and fix issues
  • Remotely access any client device in seconds—no VPN required
  • Manage all your clients through a single dashboard
  • Integrate seamlessly with ConnectWise for maximum efficiency
  • Easily export reports to demonstrate your value—and much more

When you combine Auvik with the power of the ConnectWise business management platform, you get an integration that helps you scale your business, powered by comprehensive managed network services. Use pre-configured or custom alerts within Auvik to auto-create tickets directly in ConnectWise Manage, and see ConnectWise Manage updates synced back into Auvik.

With Auvik & ConnectWise, you get more of what your business needs most.