Retaining Clients Under the Managed Services Model

| By:
Mark Sokol

What you want is a sticky situation.

Bringing new customers into your managed services model—or even transitioning existing ones from break-fix—requires a substantial investment, not just in dollars, but time and energy. Once you have those customers, you want them to stick around to provide a predictable and recurring revenue stream.

Here are a few basics to consider when creating an environment for client stickiness:

1. Proactive Pays Off

Take control of proactive monitoring so you know what your clients need before they do. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools allow you to access and update client systems, and provide routine device maintenance. The information you gather lays the groundwork for presenting an accurate, ongoing analysis of your customer’s needs.

2. Contracts are Key

Providing a documented assessment of your customer’s needs, along with the viable solutions you offer, is the first layer of glue. To up the sticky factor, the next step is a contract detailing which managed services you’ll provide, how you’ll deliver and what it will cost.

3. Build on Success

After a strong foundation has been established, make yourself even more valuable to clients by offering additional value-add services. Being a critical point-of-contact in multiple areas will make you less susceptible to competitors. From vendor management to help desk support to security monitoring, find the gaps and offer to fill them. Clients appreciate the convenience of one point of contact and one bill, and more services mean more revenue for you. Everyone wins.

4. In Their Face Is a Good Thing

It’s ironic. The better your service, the more you may have to prove yourself. Why? If you keep everything running smoothly—as is the whole point of managed services—your client’s eventual takeaway may be that there’s never a problem, so why do they need you? Before they ask, remind them…regularly. Maintain visibility. Monthly invoicing should detail everything that’s been done. Set up a quarterly business review (QBR) to identify what you’re monitoring and areas for improvements or additions.

Understanding the steps to client stickiness is an important part of successful managed services. When you’re implementing these steps, you’re not only proving your worth to your clients, but you’re developing the kind of solid business habits that will increase your client base faster. Learn more about how to navigate your service offering in the first part of The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service.