The evolution of ConnectWise Unite

| By:
Craig Fulton

Demand for the cloud isn’t going anywhere, and TSPs looking to establish themselves and stay competitive in a quickly changing market need to be on the cloud train. Cloud services are growing astronomically. According to Gartner, the public cloud services market is up 18% from 2016, and it’s predicted that cloud services will influence more than 50% of IT outsourcing by 2020. As time passes, TSPs are going to need efficient management solutions. But where do you start when it comes to offering the cloud to your clients?

Make it simple

Mastering the cloud services square on your Solutions Menu is a big part of creating a resilient business ready to weather the storms of the IT market. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to the cloud is the management, monitoring, and billing for cloud services.

You’re busy enough. The last thing you need is another solution to manage with everything else your clients have going on. And that’s why we created ConnectWise Unite™. Our cloud solution connects everything, bringing the management, monitoring, and billing for cloud services into one pane of glass for Microsoft® Office 365™, Microsoft Azure™, Amazon® Web Services (AWS), and Cisco® solutions like Cisco Meraki™, Cisco Umbrella™, Cisco Spark™, and Cisco Stealthwatch™ Cloud.

Make it better

We wanted to do more than just deliver software, so we developed ConnectWise Unite to allow you to automate invoicing, increase tech efficiency, manage multiple clients with multi-tenancy, monitor service and product usage, and automatically create alerts. It looked great to us, but it’s the opinions of the people using our products that matter most.

That’s why we were thrilled when 1,300+ companies began managing 20,000+ devices and networks through the ConnectWise Unite pilot we launched at this year’s IT Nation. We know that creating a cloud services tech team matters to today’s TSPs, and we wanted to chance to gather feedback from real users.

Make it yours

ConnectWise Unite is built on the partner feedback we collected through our pilot program, and now we’re ready to launch it to the big, wide world. Isn’t it time you made it easier to bill for your cloud services, seamlessly integrate with your ConnectWise solutions, and give your team a tool that amps efficiency?

Cloud services are undeniably becoming a crucial part of the IT world. With several convenient uses, from providing ready-made software sandboxes, to storage for backup and disaster recovery files, it’s no wonder cloud management being asked for by small businesses and large corporations alike.

ConnectWise Unite is the cloud application management system that will help you grow your cloud services revenue, improve customer service, retain administrative control, and eliminate the billing hassles that have come with deploying more solutions to your clients. It is designed to help you:

  • Bill accurately and automatically to save time, increase profitability, and deliver a clean, single invoice to your clients. When new accounts come online mid-month, ConnectWise Unite prorates billing so you don’t lose any revenue.
  • Maximize efficiency by reducing the technician’s time required to manage disparate portals
  • Protect your cloud services profit margin by allowing you to automate vendor invoice reconciliation and client billing.
  • Manage all users, groups, mailboxes and easily add or remove user accounts.
  • Manage all users, groups, mailboxes and easily add or remove user accounts.