How TSPs Can Fully Support Clients in the Cloud

| By: Craig Fulton

The definition of modern office has evolved, to say the least. Crazy as it sounds, some of today’s industry professionals (if they’ll admit it) can remember when electric typewriters with self-correcting tape created quite the buzz around the water cooler. Having a desktop PC—let alone a network of them talking to each other—was still just a gleam in some techie’s eye.

Those days are truly history. Today, business technology changes at blinding speed. To succeed as a technology solution provider (TSP), you not only have to keep up, but stay ahead of it all. Your goal is to use technology as a tool to simplify your clients’ operations and help them meet objectives, all while growing your own company, and improving your value as a trusted advisor.

You need products and services that not only meet your clients’ critical needs, but create a potentially limitless profit center by growing your revenue without having to add new customers.

Consider offering these solutions, all purposed with that mission in mind:
  • Digital Signage: Help clients keep employees informed of crucial business metrics and announcements
  • Hardware as a Service (HaaS): Develop a technology plan that ensures client hardware is kept current, with no capital expenditure surprises
  • Help Desk: Provide clients with problem resolution and technical help as soon as issues arise
  • Infrastructure: Offer advice, planning and upfront engineering to ensure you clients’ have scalable business and technology solutions
  • Internal IT Department: Serve as the extension of your client’s staff IT team to offer additional support as needed
  • Printer Management: Reduce client downtime with proactive monitoring and repair of printers
  • Professional Services: Develop strategic technology roadmaps to fit the business requirements of your client
  • Remote Monitoring and Automation: Deploy proactive monitoring systems to detect and resolve client network problems
  • Security: Secure sensitive data and protect your clients’ most valuable data assets
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Automatically upgrade client systems for optimal performance efficiency
  • Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery: Minimize risk with automated backup systems and cloud storage
  • Surveillance: Protect your client’s physical assets by monitoring the entire office 24/7
  • Telepresence: Foster innovation and reduce client travel expense with quality communication through a telepresence solution
  • Vendor Management: Build trust by managing client vendor relationships on their behalf
  • Voice Networking (VoIP): Help clients cut monthly communications costs significantly with VoIP solutions
Above it all…Cloud Services.

Of all the valuable solutions offered by ConnectWise, perhaps the most important one you can provide today—and for the future—is cloud services. It’s easy to see that the cloud is profoundly transforming the business world. With experts estimating that at least half of all SMBs will have moved their business systems to the cloud by 2020, the need for cloud support—even for basic services such as deploying Microsoft® Office365™—is set to explode.

As a TSP, your first instinct may be to think that the cloud gives you less control over customer IT environments, and that margins on licenses are slim. But the reality is your recurring revenue stands to increase by offering cloud services as one of your practice areas. Your clients are overwhelmingly attracted to cloud reliability and flexibility and, if you don’t support their transition, your competition will.

Now is the time to stake your claim in this huge market opportunity.  Begin to proactively position yourself as the solution-oriented trusted advisor ready to move your clients securely into the next industry shift.

A commitment to creating an evolving modern office—especially one in the cloud—is essential to your clients’ future success and yours. See how ConnectWise CloudConsole can support your transition and growth.