Colleague Spotlight: Jason McNew

| By:
Jen Locklear

Meet Jason McNew, former Principal Solutions Advisor at ConnectWise. Jason plays a vital role in the partner and prospect ecosystem, supporting the expansion of the ConnectWise ConnectWise Partner Program. Using his extensive experience and knowledge in the IT industry, Jason founded a consulting practice, Stronghold Cyber Security, before joining ConnectWise. His deep understanding of cybersecurity market trends, technologies, and processes has allowed him to ensure organizational success for ConnectWise partners. 

Getting started at ConnectWise

What did you do before joining ConnectWise?

My first computer was an Apple IIc that my dad bought for me in 1987, which I’m sure cost him two weeks’ worth of salary at the time. I still have it, and it still works. I joined the Air National Guard in 1996 and worked on the A-10 Warthog as a “weekend warrior.” My first full-time job in IT was at Eastern Pennsylvania Internet Exchange (EPIX) doing dial-up tech support. I still have modem initialization strings and IP addresses seared into my brain.

In 2003, I was offered a 180-day tour of duty with the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) as an Air Force Sergeant. One hundred and eighty days turned into a year, which then turned into a year and a half. I was then offered a job at Camp David, where I stayed until the beginning of 2015. For the first five or six years there, I worked the Camp David help desk. During those years, I completed two associate degrees, a Bachelor of Science degree, and a bunch of certifications. After that, I received my master’s degree in cybersecurity from Penn State. I’m also a certified information systems security professional (CISSP).

In 2017, I started Stronghold Cyber Security, a small consulting practice that worked primarily with defense contractors. In 2020, we were acquired by IT support and consulting firm Appalachia Technologies, where I worked until early 2022 before I came to ConnectWise.

Being a ConnectWise colleague 

What do you enjoy about working at ConnectWise?

Having grown up in a family business environment and started my own business, I enjoy helping our partners achieve their best vision of success. I have a soft spot for the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) space, and I would much rather work with small businesses than be focused on delivering shareholder value.


What’s something about your job that makes you feel accomplished?

If I see lights going on, wheels turning, or people laughing when I present in front of a crowd. I try to keep my presentations as engaging as possible.

What’s something that you want people to know about ConnectWise?

What ConnectWise is doing for the cybersecurity industry, what Milton Hershey did for chocolate, or what Henry Ford did for automobiles—make things attainable for the masses.

And now for some fun!  

If you can have any superpower for 24 hours, what would it be and why?

This is kind of a loaded question for a philosophy geek like me. If you have read Plato, you may be familiar with the Ring of Gyges, which makes the wearer invisible and anonymous. The question then becomes, what does a person do when they cannot be held accountable for their actions? In my opinion, very few human beings possess the moral rectitude required to use a superpower responsibly. I would probably become a tree sloth for 24 hours, hoping nothing bad happens.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

You would be happier listening to a clothes dryer filled with rocks than listening to me sing.

What’s one bucket list item you’re looking forward to?

Finishing the renovation of my house—a log home that was built in 1760.