Colleague Spotlight: Troy Erwin

| By: Geoffrey Willison

Meet Troy Erwin, Help Desk Partner Manager at ConnectWise. Troy has been a vital part of the ConnectWise help desk team, guiding partners to understand the ins and outs of ConnectWise Help Desk Services™. Having worked with colleagues in different departments, Troy’s continuous learning of the business has helped him strengthen relationships with partners and improve their experience.

Getting started at ConnectWise… 

What did you do before joining ConnectWise?

I spent 26 years as an analyst with a small market research firm, before joining Zenith Infotech, Continuum and now ConnectWise!

Being a ConnectWise colleague 

What different roles have you had with the company?

All my roles were within the ConnectWise Help Desk Services™ team. I started from help desk Tier 1, help desk Tier 2, team lead, service delivery manager, to currently, help desk partner manager.

What do you enjoy about working at ConnectWise?

The people, hands down. Working with fellow techs, colleagues in different departments, and partners, you truly get an understanding of all the different aspects of the business.

What’s something about your job that makes you feel accomplished?

Working with partners to help them understand the ins and outs of Help Desk Services! Managing their expectations is everything. I meet regularly with many partners to discuss how the help desk is performing. Process, ticket inquiries and general best practice tips are just a few of the things discussed during these check-ins. It’s a great feeling to come out of these meetings knowing that the partner has a better understanding of our product and that they can rely on me to help them when needed.

What’s something that you want people to know about ConnectWise?

Opportunities abound! In all my years at ConnectWise, I’ve been fortunate to be given career advancement opportunities to progress to the next level. There are opportunities to work hard and get involved. I’ve seen a vast number of colleagues who have moved into new roles and different departments.

What’s a big win that you’re proud of?

On a personal level, working in construction at age 45 while going to school at night to try and start a new IT career, while raising a family with three children. Making it to where I am today with ConnectWise is no doubt one of my best wins in life!

And now for some fun!  

If you can have any superpower for 24 hours, what would it be and why?

As a comic book aficionado, there are too many to choose from, although the freedom to fly anywhere would be quite the rush!

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Not a karaoke person, but if I ever had the nerve, “Seventeen Going Under” by Sam Fender would be a great one.

What’s one bucket list item you’re looking forward to?

Just had our first grandchild and loving the grandfather experience!