Rolling out role-based security

| By: Jeff Bishop

Joe is your top sales rep, which means he spends his time on the road building and maintaining the relationships that keep your company running. Because he’s always on the go, he’s a popular target for cybercriminals. From a laptop in a coffee shop to a company cell phone at the hotel, Joe’s access to company information could be a major security risk.

Whether your company is big or small, security is a number one concern. Even one breach could take down a company, and recent industry examples show everyone just how much damage could be done.

Don’t be that guy. It’s time to increase your focus on better security, and that starts with remote control software that offers built-in security features to keep your information safe.

Where to look

As it turns out, the problem is in-house more often than not. Internal security risks are among the biggest concerns for any business, with employees who have access to critical business information on a regular basis.

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you’re employing the next Benedict Arnold. We’re just saying that often unintentional action can lead to big security risks, with company systems and access credentials suddenly exposed to outsiders.

How to help

Don’t spend your time worrying about what could go wrong. Instead, focus on the power of role-based security to help shut down those worries. With role-based security, you can limit access to vital data by segmenting information and allowing employees access to only what you want them to see. With role-based security in place, your most important systems are better protected.

Remember Joe? With role-based security, you can limit his access to just sales-related systems and data. If someone manages to access his credentials, they’ll be locked into just what Joe can see instead of being able to wipe out your entire system. Effective segmentation limits access by unauthorized users and makes it harder for someone to steal or destroy the information your business needs to stay afloat.

Improve the security of your internal networks with the security features built directly into ScreenConnect, now ConnectWise Control®, leaving you able to safely and securely offer stellar service to your customers without worrying about what you could lose.