Better together: A community of transformative partnerships

| By: Tony Thomas

As technology professionals, we often use the term “ecosystem” to describe the network of relationships that comprise our supply chain and for a good reason. It speaks to the reality of business and the tech industry: none of us can achieve much in isolation.

With that said, I personally prefer “community” as a better way to describe how we work at ConnectWise. It’s more personal. It’s more human. It captures my sense of how we actively collaborate to get things done. And when chaos descends on our partners—a cyberattack, a security breach, an unplanned outage—I honestly think that’s what they want to see too.

A community coming together to solve their problem—rather than an “ecosystem” switching on to sell them a bunch of solutions.

Better integrations, better opportunities

I discussed this important distinction with my friend and our partner James Slaby, CEO at Acronis, when we had the pleasure of working together at the Acronis #CyberFit Summit.

Jim gets it completely, of course.

His team creates award-winning backup and data protection software enriched with more than 60 pre-configured integrations to empower collaboration and build community connections with partners like ConnectWise.

Our closely aligned tech stacks let you, our partners, access all the cyberprotection services your customers need—via one platform and one pane of glass—so you can:

  • Install, update, and uninstall the cyberprotection agent on protected machines remotely
  • Apply and revoke the pre-defined protection plan at the client, location, or machine level with ease
  • Monitor protection status for errors and warnings
  • Leverage the native ConnectWise Automate reporting, ticketing, and alerting functionality for

handling backup events

  • Provision new Acronis Cyber Cloud customers

Better for business

Good things happen to your business when we work with great companies like Acronis. It’s one of those transformative partnerships we value so highly at ConnectWise—building a community of shared success for everyone involved.

For your business specifically, that could mean:

  • Better monthly recurring revenue. Upselling will be easier with an integrated solution, and renewal will be simplified through integrated reporting
  • Up to 50% lower cyber protection costs. Consolidate vendor expenses with one console, one license, and one agent
  • Delivering unmatched cyberprotection for your customers. Using a solution that leads in independent tests and gives you 100% coverage of client workloads

Better act now!

If you aren’t already on board with Acronis, I’m excited for you to visit the ConnectWise Marketplace™ and check out this powerful platform for yourself.

I’m confident you’ll decide that ConnectWise and Acronis work better together—and that this will mean better opportunities for your business too.

The ConnectWise team is always here to help you learn and grow as part of our amazing community of technology professionals. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to discuss the way forward with ConnectWise and Acronis.