Top blogs of 2020

| By:
Alyssa Fleming

This year has shaped up to be vastly different than most of us expected when we woke up on January 1, 2020. When you think back to this dumpster fire of a year, you’re probably not thinking that it was the best year ever. But, while navigating all of the challenges proved to be a difficult feat, this year was also similar to others. Like, for example, 2020 was composed of 52 weeks and 12 months—just as its predecessors.

All kidding aside, with 2020 (finally) coming to an end, we want to take a moment to look back and reflect on the most-read blog posts of the year.

Taking ownership of customer service

This year proved to have new challenges as it pertains to customer service. Customers expected a different level of service and companies shaped what this service would look like. This blog discussed the role tech plays in customer service, the risks of providing poor customer service, the benefits that providing superior service offers, and how to improve customer service as a whole.

Per the blog, “when customer service isn't a priority, MSPs risk potentially losing clients and making it more difficult to obtain new ones. Clients aren’t always concerned with the super technical details that may set you apart from your competition. If the service you offer them isn’t great and your competition has a better reputation for taking care of their customers, your churn rate will be affected.” For more information on how to take ownership of customer service, read the full blog here.

Two-factor authentication in remote support

This year, many companies moved to remote work. On a drop of a dime, companies shifted their in-person operations to allow their team members to work safely from home. This brought new issues and security measures with it, which was and continues to be a huge topic of interest for all of us.

For everything you need to know to understand how 2FA empowers both technicians and users with another layer of defense, keep reading here.

12 things to cover in your managed services agreements

“As a technology solution provider (TSP), you want to build a relationship and position yourself as a trusted advisor. Make agreement terms clear and concise—no confusing jargon. The better your agreement, the more you and your clients benefit.” This blog talks about the benefits of creating managed service agreements, as well as must-have items to include while creating the agreement. Don’t let managed services agreements intimidate you – being prepared will help you make MSA’s work for you and your company. To read more about the twelve items to include, click here.

5 ways your business benefits from automation

Automation has been making life easier since its inception. If you are looking to improve your organization, reduce time spent of redundant tasks, establish processes, allow for multi-department visibility, and increase accountability – automation is the way to go!

Here’s an excerpt from the blog: Automation is an easy way to develop the increased accountability, visibility, and centralized processes required for your company to grow and serve more clients. When selecting the right automation tools for your business, ensure that whatever solutions you’re evaluating helps in these key areas. Technology that help you manage workflows, automate redundant tasks, provide consistent experience to all your customers will help you provide superior levels of service to your customers – and help improve your bottom line. To read more check out our post, 5 Ways Your Business Benefits from Automation, here.

Aligning the Continuum brand under the ConnectWise master brand

ConnectWise is made up of a myriad of software product offerings. That being said, building a uniform branding strategy was top priority with the Continuum acquisition that happened in late 2019.

In this blog post, our Creative Director Kaela Vanden Berg described what steps were being taken to align the legacy Continuum products under te ConnectWise umbrella, in a straightforward and seamless manner. To revisit how the Continuum and ConnectWise brands came together, read here.

While we think everyone deserves an “I Survived 2020” badge, we are just thankful to have been a part of your year. We look forward to all that the new year will bring. Make sure to check back often to see what we’ll be talking about in 2021.