Update from CEO Jason Magee: Leadership Additions to Speed Innovation for Partners

| By: Jason Magee

Dear Partners,   

At IT Nation Connect in November of 2021, we made three promises to you: To deliver more innovation, faster. To be easier to do business with. And to invest even more in helping you grow. I’m going to start updating you regularly here on our progress. Today, I want to begin by sharing some news that relates to all three of these areas, but especially innovation. 

We recognize that rapid, meaningful product innovation requires partner proximity and centricity, impeccable product management and engineering rigor, and leadership that connects all aspects of our operating model to ensure a meaningful partner experience. This is why today I’m pleased to announce that ConnectWise is re-organizing and appointing new leadership to drive the next generation of innovation. Historically, engineering and product management have been performed by coordinated but independent teams. Effective today, we announce (4) new Innovation Business Units: Unified Monitoring and Management, Business Management, Cybersecurity, and Asio™ Platform. Each business unit will be led by a General Manager who reports directly to me with their own dedicated product management and other resources. These leaders will be accountable for our engineering prioritization and effectiveness for their respective product lines. What’s more is these GMs are responsible for not only ensuring innovative roadmaps and on-time delivery, but also for driving a positive experience for partners across sales, product support, services, partner success, and more.  

We’ve searched the globe to find experienced leaders who have driven product, platform, and business transformation with a deep understanding of the SaaS and TSP landscape—both of which are changing at hyper-scale speed. And I’m pleased to introduce you to those leaders today:  

  • Ameer Karim, General Manager, Unified Monitoring & Management – Ameer is a dynamic and seasoned executive who brings over 25 years of experience working for some of the biggest brands in consumer electronics and cybersecurity. Most recently, he joins us from Absolute Software, where he was EVP of Product Management, leading the company's product vision, strategy, roadmap, marketing, and user experiences. With over two decades of experience in M&A, business development, engineering, product innovation, product management, and marketing, he's delivered world-class enterprise and consumer products by focusing on product-led growth and operational excellence. Ameer has held several GM & executive roles with Symantec, HP, and early-stage startups in Silicon Valley.   
  • Jake Varghese, General Manager, Business Management –Jake is a seasoned Product Executive and General Manager with over 20 years of cross-functional leadership experience. He has successfully led and delivered partner-focused innovation resulting in hyper-growth at leading companies such as ServiceNow, Microsoft, and Tanium. He has also previously co-founded and served as CTO for a successful startup: Optio3, an AI-powered, cloud-based operations management solution that provides visibility into connected IoT. Jake has deep technology and business expertise in all areas of Software as a Service (SaaS), with an emphasis on digital transformation and modernization of IT Systems including Service Management, Operations Management, and Business Management.  
  • Raffael Marty, General Manager, Cybersecurity Management – Raffy has been at ConnectWise for the past 7 months leading our Cybersecurity Product. He brings 20+ years of cybersecurity industry experience across engineering, analytics, research, and strategy to us. A thread of connecting data, artificial intelligence (AI), and security has continued throughout his career. Starting at IBM, he next spent time as a technical analyst for Silicon Valley startups and with Splunk, a leader in data analytics. Raffy later founded Loggly, one of the first cloud-based log management services, and spent time at Sophos being responsible for security analytics. He held the Chief Research and Intelligence Officer position at Forcepoint, where his team was responsible for cutting-edge research in AI to understand human behavior as it relates to cyber-risk, helping detect adverse behaviors before the onset of insider crimes. He also partnered with product teams there to provide new security intelligence that helped protect customers from all types of cyber-attacks.  
  • Jeff Bishop, General Manager, AsioTM Platform – Jeff’s previous positions include Chief Product Officer, Vice President of Ecosystem, and Vice President of ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect). Before joining ConnectWise in 2015, Jeff was one of the founders of ScreenConnect, a solution that allows clients’ computers to be remotely controlled for fast, reliable, secure remote support. Jeff also worked for Agilent Technologies, a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard, in various roles including product management, marketing, and engineering. 

This shift to multiple GMs is an investment in this community. One that allows us to deeply focus on each area of our business, and our new platform, in the way our partners expect and deserve. So, what can you expect from this announcement? Expect to see our GMs and their teams present and engaged with you; driving ongoing bi-directional communication with this community. Expect them to vision-cast and deliver innovation that not just meets you where you are, but where the industry is going. Expect them to work together to ensure a seamless experience across our products and services—all supported by a new platform that brings increased automation, scale, intelligence, and capability to your business. Expect more. 

I look forward to sharing more with you soon, and for those of you who will be at IT Nation Secure, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our new GMs there.  

All the best,