ConnectWise Virtual Administrator Q&A

| By:
Brad Schow

At ConnectWise, we are passionately dedicated to your success. We know and understand what you do, and we’re committed to providing solutions that help our partners overcome challenges and discover even more ways to build profit and business longevity.

That’s only scratching the surface. Let’s dive deeper into what this service is, its benefits and the specifics, to see if it’s a good fit for growing your ConnectWise product knowledge.

What is it?

ConnectWise Virtual Administrator is a real-life consultant dedicated to helping your company achieve success within the ConnectWise Automate® platform. They will help you streamline your business and teach you how to take full advantage of everything our robust remote monitoring and management solution has to offer.

  • Recurring one-hour administrator meetings
  • 10 open-use hours per quarter
  • Action plan
  • Remote administration and consulting services
  • Expert guidance for implementing best practices
  • Proactive server monitoring
  • Employee training
  • And more

What’s in it for me?

This is a unique opportunity for you to maximize you products’ capabilities within your business to achieve even greater efficiency and profits. By relying on your ConnectWise Virtual Administrator for advice and support, you are free to develop other areas of your business while knowing that the ConnectWise products you own are working for you.

What does the consultant do?

They’ll help you keep up-to-date on ConnectWise product happenings and releases, remotely implement processes and best practices, and perform administrative tasks without disturbing your schedule. More specifically:

  • They review your environment and adjust your business processes
  • They apply best practices to key areas of your business
  • They continuously ensure that you’re taking advantage of new features in your ConnectWise products

Is Virtual Administrator the same thing as Premium Support?

No. Premium Support is different from Virtual Administrator. Premium Support is used by partners to get a faster route to support for break-fix issues by phone and “Skip the Line” feature, while Virtual Administrator is used for consulting services.

How long does the service last?

Your ConnectWise Virtual Administrator services are available in auto-renewing quarterly increments with a 6-month minimum.If you think you’ll run out of time, don’t worry; additional hours can be purchased separately.

Anything else?

A note about Virtual Administrator Meetings: During these meetings, you’ll work with your consultant to discuss, review, and plan:

  • Process improvement opportunities
  • The ConnectWise release schedule
  • New learning materials
  • Previous and following month’s actions
  • Open support tickets
  • Upcoming community events

A note about Remote Administrator and Consulting Services: In additional to the one-hour administrator meeting, you’ll get:

  • 10 remote consulting hours per quarter (also called “open use” hours)
  • Employee training
  • ConnectWise setup
  • Implementation of action plan
  • Business process improvement
  • New release training
  • On-demand consulting and help

Virtual Administrator will help your company achieve success with the ConnectWise Platform, including ConnectWise Sell®, ConnectWise Manage®, and ConnectWise Automate. Your own dedicated software consultant will walk you through monthly administrator meetings, remote administration, monthly action plans, and employee training, as well as keep you up to date on ConnectWise product happenings, releases, and new features.