Path to Success: Service Delivery Management

| By:
Craig Fulton

It’s understood that providing good service to your clients is necessary to aid in the success of your business, but did you know that Service Delivery is the overarching management concept that provides guidance to other key activities: Help Desk, Field Services, NOC Monitoring, Service Storefront, and Workshop?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, defines the Service Desk as “the primary point of contact between you and your customers on a day-to-day basis.” Service Delivery is, therefore, important because it’s the first place where the customer experiences the heart of your business through one-on-one encounters.

Best Practice Concepts

We are dedicated to helping your business succeed.  Below are five key best practice concepts that we have identified to assist you in your Service Delivery Management activities:

Relationship Drives Loyalty, Retention Leads to Success –Automation will never replace the need for developing customer relationships. These invested relationships will keep customers returning for advice and support, making you financially successful. Service Delivery is what you do and it’s the primary touchpoint with your customer.

If it Can’t be Repeated, it’s Not Worth it –Service delivery teams employ processes around the management principles: Request, Incident, Alert, and Change Management. The purpose of having a process is to ensure efficient, consistent, and clear communication so customer issues can be remedied in a timely manner. These processes should be uniform and able to be repeated to assure quality.

Everything is a Ticket –All incidents must be captured in a ticket to properly track all work performed, regardless of length, nature or severity.

Embrace Change –People, processes, and products will change. It’s important to train staff to adapt and embrace it.

Create Accountability Loops –Closed Loop, service templates, and workflow rules drive accountability in Service Delivery to ensure accurate and reliable service.

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