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ConnectWise Wins NetSuite SuiteApp Award

ConnectWise was proud to be a part of NetSuite’s 2017 SuiteWorld conference in Las Vegas this spring, and even more excited to be honored as the SuiteApp of the Year! As a proud partner to the NetSuite community, the ConnectWise Sell® SuiteApp is pr...

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All That's New with ConnectWise Sell

Back at IT Nation 2016, it was hard to picture all that lay in store for each of the core products in our family of solutions. In this post, we’ll reveal our updates and explain how partners, and any other technology solution providers (TSPs) looking...

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Explore New Updates in ConnectWise Sell

With how quickly technology changes, it can sometimes be difficult figuring out what is best for your business.  There are so many products and services out there–how do you really know which is the best or what you should use? One thing is clear, ho...

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3 Steps for Sales Success

When you think of a sales rep, visions of type-A overachievers probably spring to mind. And while that enthusiasm is absolutely vital to sales success, it can also lead to a lot of pressure for your sales team. Your reps want to make the customer ha...

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3 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Excel

While Excel does many things well, the sad fact is that it simply wasn’t designed with quoting and proposing in mind. It doesn’t give you the tools to create interactive templates, develop a guided selling process for your sales team, or provide real...

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Join the Big Leagues with Best-in-Class Sales

What exactly is a best-in-class business? According to the experts at Aberdeen Group, it’s a company that’s routinely performing in the top 20% of their industry. That means that each best-in-class company is garnering sales metrics that are better t...

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