Work/Life Balance: Can You Have it All?

Work/life balance is a never ending debate. Is it truly possible to have it all or is it a myth? Join ConnectWise’s Arlin Sorensen and Laurie Sorensen, along with Louie Sadd of Datastream IT, to learn the three powerful principles for managing work/life tension. It’s a more realistic approach than the endless balancing act.

About the Speakers
Arlin Sorensen works as the VP of Brand and Ecosystem Evangelism at ConnectWise. He has earned the moniker the “godfather of legacy” for his focus on beginning with the end in mind and constantly asking “What are you building?” in terms of both your life and your business.
It’s a passion he has passed on to Laurie Sorensen, Sr. Learning Architect at ConnectWise who also happens to be Arlin’s daughter. Laurie spends her days investing in our partners and colleagues, helping them to grow their leadership and to leave an intentional legacy. She is also a LifePlan facilitator and wrote Planning for Success, a workbook outlining the Legacy, Life, Leadership and Business planning process which ConnectWise partners can now access through the ConnectWise University.
Louie Sadd is from Glendale, California, and is a partner in an Evolve Peer Group. The value he places on both IT and his family are evident in everything he does.

Balance life and business like a pro