Build a Successful Marketing Strategy to Drive More Leads

August 17, 2020

Your TSP may have the best services around, but if you’re not getting the word out, how will potential customers find out? From awareness to the final purchase, your messaging needs to guide your prospect along the Buyer’s Journey to discover why you have the answers to all their questions.

In this webinar, Scott Marshall, Senior VP of Marketing for ConnectWise, gives you an inside look into how you can effectively market your services. Scott will be joined by Callie Hawley, Senior Manager of Content and Social Media, and Sarah Buscaino, Director, Digital Strategy, to help you get your messaging on the right path. You’ll learn about:

  • The Marketing Funnel and how it relates to the Buyer’s Journey
  • Pulling content together to become an effective marketer
  • Building a basic campaign that can drive pipeline

Get Your Messaging Right