Pulling Back the Curtain on M&A: Part 1

Understanding the Process of Buying and Selling MSPs 

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of managed service providers (MSPs) can seem mysterious, especially when it comes to the deal, including the valuation process, roles of buyer and seller, and so on. But once you understand how M&A works and what is involved in the deal process, you will be in a better position to decide when, if, and how to buy or sell. 

Watch our webinar to find out: 

  • How MSPs are valued 
  • Ways to maximize the value of your MSP to an acquirer 
  • MSP deal components (e.g., deferred cash, earnout, warranties) 


Nicholas Ashford

Partner, Fordhouse, a UK Private Equity Firm.

Peter Kujawa


Service Leadership Inc.®, a ConnectWise solution

Demystify the M&A deal