OML Episode 7 - Become an Expert at Account Management: Tips from the Best-in-Class

Make account management a win-win for your clients—and you

Managed services accounts don’t run themselves. (Ah, if only they did, right?) Actually, you should want to make your account management something special, so you become indispensable to your clients. 

Just look at high-performing MSPs. They elevate their account management to be something far more than a customer satisfaction function. They use it as a tool that makes them vital to their client’s business strategy. In turn, that lets them further their own business strategy. Smart move!

Check out this webinar to learn how MSPs in the top quartile of the Service Leadership Index® use account management strategically. Topher Barrow of ConnectWise and Paul Dippell of Service Leadership, Inc., will explain how you can improve your own results in short order!

Be an account management standout