Azure AD: The Blind Spot in Your Data Protection Plan

Azure Active Directory is a great addition to have in your toolkit, but if you’re not backing it up, it can be compromised and made unusable by issues such as cybersecurity threats, corruption caused by synchronization errors, accidental data deletions, and malicious insider activity.  

These issues come with great risk and cost—your users lose access to platforms that are required for work, and you have to spend a large amount of time rebuilding your Azure AD. This can affect your reputation as an MSP.  

Watch our webinar to get answers to these questions: 

  • What would happen if Azure AD was suddenly not available?  
  • How would you manage losing your internal directory and the source of your SSO logins across multiple tools?  
  • How long would it take you to recover a lost Azure AD?  
  • And more 

Prevent costly downtime