ConnectWise Automate 2022.9 Security Fix

Products: Automate
Severity: Important
Priority: 1 - High


CWE-284 Improper Access Control


Important—Vulnerabilities that could compromise confidential data or other processing resources but require additional access / privilege to do so. 


1—Vulnerabilities that are either being targeted or have a higher risk of being targeted by exploits in the wild. Recommend patching as soon as possible.  

Affected versions 

ConnectWise Automate versions 2022.8 and earlier are impacted.  



Cloud instances have already been updated to the latest Automate release.  


Apply the 2022.9 patch.

Review the ConnectWise Automate Comprehensive Security Best Practice Guide and ensure your environment is configured appropriately relating to network hardening guidelines and best practices for your Automate environment.

Note: While Automate remote agent updates are recommended, an update to the remote agent is not a requirement to remediate this vulnerability.

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