Third-Party Applications

In order to support our partners, website visitors and prospects, and employees, ConnectWise leverages a number of third-party applications and tools—some of which collect data and personal data. This page provides an overview of how and why ConnectWise leverages these applications in the context of GDPR and European Data Privacy considerations.

What Are Third-Party Applications?

A third-party vendor is a company that provides an auxiliary product or service which has not been supplied from the original manufacturer to an end user. Websites, for instance, often use third-party plugins to enhance digital experiences and extend the capabilities of an existing CRM or hosting platform. These third-party solutions often serve a very specific purpose and have great value as third-party vendors are often considered innovators or specialists in the particular solution they provide.

Data Collection Among Third-Party Applications

ConnectWise uses third-party vendors and applications to collect company and contact data across our website, some of which is personally identifiable. We also use third-party vendors that may add additional cookies to your browser when visiting ConnectWise-owned domains. These cookies can be used for website analytics and reporting purposes, and to enhance the experience of visitors with features such as live chat availability, personalized site search results, content recommendations, and more.


ConnectWise leverages a number of third-party applications and tools throughout our web properties for purposes including: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), website hosting, marketing automation, ecommerce, email marketing, webinar and video hosting, social media marketing, and analytics.

The information stored in these systems allows us to provide positive website and digital marketing experiences for users, as well as to support email, chat, social media, analytics, content personalization and, in some cases, payment processing.


We are regularly evaluating our third-party vendor relationships and agreements to identify and mitigate any data processing risks, and to implement safeguards that ensure data is protected for all website visitors, ConnectWise partners, and employees.


We are also evaluating all ConnectWise-owned domains to ensure that we are protecting the rights of all visitors by being transparent about the types of third-party vendors we use, and ensuring those vendors are compliant with applicable privacy and security regulations and requirements.