Service Leadership, Inc., a ConnectWise Solution, Opens Annual IT Solution Provider Compensation (Remuneration) Survey

Proprietary IT Industry Report Provides TSPs Compensation (Remuneration) Data

Tampa, Fla., October 4, 2023 -- Service Leadership, Inc.®, a ConnectWise solution, today announced the opening of its annual Service Leadership Index® Annual IT Solution Provider Compensation (Remuneration) Survey. ConnectWise is the world’s leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs). The survey and related report are designed to offer TSPs insight into compensation trends across a wide variety of IT positions. The survey runs from October 2 through November 30, 2023, culminating in a 300+ page report.

Survey participants from TSPs globally will be the first to receive the Service Leadership Index® Annual IT Solution Provider Compensation (Remuneration) Report™ in early 2024 and will receive it at no cost ($1,799 value). In addition, participants will be entered into a drawing for a one-hour private consultation with Peter Kujawa, VP and GM, Service Leadership, Inc.

"In talking with TSPs around the world, the need for accurate compensation (remuneration) data focused specifically on the TSP industry is greater than ever," said Peter Kujawa, VP and GM, Service Leadership, Inc. "Inflation and staying competitive in the marketplace to recruit and retain talent is top of mind with owners and executives. By taking the survey, TSPs will contribute to a report that will provide exclusive analysis and insights into what is being paid for various positions by the lower- and higher-performing TSPs. In turn, participants will receive the report first and at no cost."

After a six-year hiatus and due to popular demand from TSPs, the proprietary compensation (remuneration) report was reinitiated in 2022 amid widespread concerns about the ongoing IT skills gap and wage inflation.

Last year's survey brought record participation from these geographic regions:  Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Europe (primarily the UK and Ireland), and the US. With countless IT companies still struggling to fill essential roles and with continued high inflation, this year’s Service Leadership Index® IT Solution Provider Compensation (Remuneration) Survey is once again poised to play an essential role, granting businesses the broader industry insight needed to recruit and retain top talent.

The Service Leadership Index® IT Solution Provider Compensation (Remuneration) Survey focuses on 50+ positions encompassing various responsibilities, including sales, marketing, general administration/finance, technical services, and more, with three levels of seniority for each. Respondents will input data covering total annual earnings for each position and projected raises, bonuses, and more. All individual data submitted is kept confidential, and no individual organization data will be released. Survey results will be reported in aggregate to ensure confidentiality.

The resulting report will provide a wealth of high-level information on TSP-specific compensation (remuneration) practices, granting respondents and stakeholders throughout the industry insight into what market pay is for these positions and the impact inflation has on these rates. The report will also provide much-needed insight into the staff-to-management ratio of top profitability TSPs by business model, the amount allocated to incentive pay for each position and seniority level throughout the industry, and what owners make by specific business model and company size.

New for the 2024 report are details on work arrangement by position (100% in-office work, 100% remote work, or a hybrid version), along with how much paid time off (PTO) is given by position and experience level.

This exclusive data can help to form the basis of a recruitment strategy optimized to entice top talent despite the worsening skills gap. TSPs can pinpoint where they stand on each position's compensation (remuneration) scale — best-in-class, median, bottom-quartile, etc. — and adjust their methods accordingly.

"Since 2005, the Service Leadership Index® has been the largest, most detailed, and most accurate TSP benchmark in the IT industry worldwide. For 19 years as of 2023, and now as part of the ConnectWise family, the Service Leadership Index® has identified objective best practices in the IT industry and helped to set the bar for TSP owners and executives in 100+ countries. The Compensation (Remuneration) Survey is an important part of that continuing mission," concluded Jake Varghese, EVP and GM of Business Management Solutions, ConnectWise.

TSPs can take the survey here

About Service Leadership

Service Leadership, Inc.®, a ConnectWise solution, is dedicated to providing total profit solutions for IT Solution and Service Providers, directly and through industry consultants and global technology vendors. The company publishes the leading vendor-neutral IT Solution Provider financial and operational benchmark: Service Leadership Index®. This includes private diagnostic benchmarks for individual IT Solution Providers and their business coaches and consultants. The company also publishes SLIQ™, the exclusive web application for partner owners and executives to drive financial improvements by confidentially assessing and driving their Operational Maturity Level™. For more information, visit service-leadership.com.

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