ConnectWise Reveals ConnectWise CloudConsole Standalone

Cloud monitoring and management software is now available to all U.S. technology service providers to reduce the complexity of services practice

TAMPA, Fla. – June 20, 2017 – ConnectWise® announced today that ConnectWise CloudConsole™ is now available as a standalone solution for any technology solution provider (TSP) that desires an all-in-one tool to ease the management, monitoring, and billing of Microsoft Office 365® and Microsoft Azure® cloud services.

"When we initially launched CloudConsole last year, it was available only to our ConnectWise Manage® partners. However, as the number of TSPs that have added cloud services to their set of offerings has expanded and as the number of requests we have received for access to ConnectWise CloudConsole outside of ConnectWise Manage has grown, we knew it was time to give any TSP that manages cloud services – MSPs, VARs, CSPs and others – the ability to take advantage of the huge shift in business spending to cloud computing solutions,” said Craig Fulton, Chief Product Officer, ConnectWise.

According to analysts from Gartner, the public cloud services market is projected to total almost $250 billion by the end of 2017, up 18 percent from 2016. Gartner also predicts that through 2020, cloud adoption strategies will influence more than 50 percent of IT outsourcing deals.

The ConnectWise CloudConsole announcement came during Automation Nation, an annual gathering of ConnectWise Automate® partners. The new standalone option is immediately available to all U.S.-based ConnectWise Automate partners, and it will be extended to all other prospective users in the United States by the end of June.

Fulton said ConnectWise’s cloud management and monitoring solution was designed to meet the needs of TSPs that are looking for maximum efficiency.

One way it does this is through true multitenancy. “CloudConsole is the only solution in the marketplace that gives TSPs the ability to manage, monitor, and bill all their Office 365 and Azure customers without having to constantly log in and out of individual accounts,” he said.

Billing is another key business process that is more efficient with CloudConsole. Fulton said that cloud services invoicing is normally a time-consuming manual process. CloudConsole automates this activity and allows TSPs to send a single invoice to its customers, significantly reducing administration time while increasing billing accuracy.

Additional CloudConsole benefits include:

  • The ability to greatly reduce complexity. With CloudConsole, TSPs can manage all users, groups, mailboxes, virtual services, SQL databases, websites, and storage, as well as add and delete accounts, from one place. This simplified administration frees staff to focus on other critical areas, such as providing a high level of customer service.
  • The capacity to easily expand a business’s footprint. TSPs can bring on and manage new clients without concern about geographical location.
  • The insight required to build and expand its position as a trusted advisor. CloudConsole allows TSPs to proactively monitor their customers’ accounts for potential issues, such as service disruptions, outages, and maximum capacity warnings.

Stana Steen, President and CEO of High Standards Technology, a managed services firm in Texas that also provides cloud computing services, has been a CloudConsole partner since the solution was first introduced in 2016. “We have seen a steady increase in the number of our clients who are making the move to Office 365 and Azure, so putting in place a tool that would help us manage their accounts efficiently was key to our success,” she said. “Because of CloudConsole, my team is able to effectively to quickly bring on and manage new cloud clients while still being able to provide a high level of customer service for which we are known.”

To learn how ConnectWise CloudConsole can reduce cloud complexity and allow you to capitalize on cloud opportunities, sign up today for a 30-day free trial.