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Valuable Resources to Build a Secure Remote Workforce

We are in the middle of a seismic shift in how people work. As Time Magazine said it back in February, COVID-19 will be the “World’s Largest Work From Home Experiment.” The number will dwarf the 3.2% of remote workers that normally comprise remote workers.

With your clients shifting to remote workers, it’s your job as their technology solution provider (TSP) to help them build a secure remote workforce. It takes a group effort to secure a remote workforce—from security measures, tools, end-user training, and more.

Secure Your Company and Your Clients

Cybercriminals are getting aggressive as employees leave the secure environment of work. Extend your security perimeters to keep threats out of your end users’ homes and your clients’ networks.

Blogs & Articles

Read up on the latest tips and tricks to keeping your remote access tools secure against attacks, securing your clients’ remote workforce, and how to manage while your team is spread across locations.

How to Secure Your Remote Access Tools Against Cyberattacks >>

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From CEO World: How to Secure and Manage a More Remote Workforce >>

Webinars & Videos

Watch ConnectWise leaders and security experts pass along useful information to arm you with resources to secure a remote workforce, keep them productive, and show your value as your clients’ technology advisor.

Resources You Need to Be Your Clients’ Superhero >>

Client Superhero Webinar Powerpoint Deck >>

Staying Secure in a Remote Workplace >>

Secure Remote Workplace Webinar Powerpoint Deck >>

Tools & Resources

Download our checklist for 18 things your clients can use to educate their staff and keep them secure while they work from home.

18 Things to Make Your Remote Work Secure, Convenient, and Stress-Free >>

Looking for a Remote Access Solution?

ConnectWise Control® is a remote work solution that enables your remote workforce efficiently and securely.

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