The Right Data and Best Practices Drives Growth

ConnectWise acquires Service Leadership, Inc.

Leverage data and analytics to make better decisions for your TSP with Service Leadership Inc.

When it comes to helping TSP owners get the most out of their businesses, no one has a better track record than Service Leadership Inc. For over 20 years, Service Leadership Inc. has been delivering industry-leading benchmarking insights, peer groups, and services to allow TSPs to grow their value, maturity, and profits.

How Service Leadership Inc. removes the roadblocks along your path to operational maturity

S-L Index Quarterly Benchmarking

Data works best when you measure it and compare it against past performance or others across the industry. The S-L Index™ Quarterly Benchmarking provides TSP owners and leaders financial and operational comparisons against best-in-class service providers in their business model on over 80 different metrics.

As part of the S-L Index Quarterly Benchmarking, owners have access to tools including:

  • Best-in-Class-o-Meter™ - An interactive ‘What-if’ tool with pre-populated data for quick profit improvement evaluation
  • Annual Value Creating Performance™ Chart – A yearly look at a TSP’s performance and progress to create higher value for stakeholders
  • Monthly Financial Fireside Chats™ - Live, expert commentary to help owners optimize their financial performance

SLIQ Operational Maturity Level (OML) Progression Management

Every TSP should lead with their strengths while improving other areas of their business. The SLIQ Operational Maturity Level Progression Management delivers personalized benchmarking data across over 40 different metrics against best-in-class providers across the industry and business model.

The SLIQ OML Progression Management includes,

  • Detailed diagnostics and prescriptive actions TSP owners and leaders can take to advance their OML and become a top performer in the industry

Exclusive ‘how-tos’ to save leaders and management teams time and reduce operational risk