ConnectWise Guiding Principles

End in mind

Paint the picture of the destination by defining success clearly.

Partner first

Always start with our partners in mind and work backwards. We will Deliver an Extraordinary Partner Experience—no exceptions!

360° approach

Focus on quality of work from all angles & hold each other accountable.

Understand first

See things from other's POV. Don't jump to conclusions. Positive intent.

Develop our leaders

Identify leaders with skill, will & desire to lead, then coach & mentor them.


All colleagues will be honest and have strong moral principles.

Focus on action

We work in Small Actionable Teams (SATs) and obtain quick wins.

Every colleague is empowered

All colleagues act on behalf of the entire company—not just them or their teams. They never say "That's not my job."

Knowledge and know how

Leaders are expected to have technical skill and lead by example.

Be a leader

Leaders are expected to be present & participate. Everyone can be a leader.

Master the basics

A good foundation is crucial to accomplishment.

Driven to win

Leaders have defined key success metrics to create value. We are to be accountable & results driven.

Expect the highest of standards

Raise the bar & drive each other to deliver high quality results/products/etc.

Think big, be bold!

Push the limits and create the future by raising the bar in all that we do.

Innovation is what we do

We expect and require innovation in everything we do.

Provide context

Context (the WHY) is the reason behind the action we're taking. Be transparent.


Accomplish more with less. Focus on improving the unit economics.

Be a problem solver

We are critical thinkers & problem solvers who find solutions around roadblocks.

Productize and simplify

Our options will deliver enterprise-like functionality & maturity; everything will be simple & user-friendly.

Debate and commit

Question constructively, debate as a team, commit on the final decision.