Technology transforms the world

| By:
Arnie Bellini

Technology is changing the world, and the Tampa Bay area is a major part of a groundswell in serious technological innovation. ConnectWise is born here, growing here, and proud to be a player in shaping that technology growth.

Joining the Summit

We’re so eager to share our expertise and learn from the knowledge of other heavy hitters in the Tampa Bay tech space that I’ll be taking the stage as a featured speaker at the 2018 Synapse Innovation Summit. This incredible event connects the people, organizations, ideas, and technologies that make things happen. The summit will run for two days, bringing the spirit of innovation and the possibilities of technology together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Florida has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is why I chose to call Tampa our home. At the Summit, I’ll join other technology innovators to highlight and explore the incredible possibilities coming out of the technology sector, because I know that technology transforms the world, and I know that ConnectWise is an important part of it.

Innovation Hubs

At the Summit, Innovation Hubs will be the source of information on major growth sectors inside technology. Some of those include Internet of Things, cryptocurrency, robotics, virtual reality, and urban tech.

We’re also excited to connect with Florida Funders, a hybrid venture capital fund and crowd-funding platform, to help build the foundation for the continued growth of the Tampa Bay technology community. Are you an innovator or entrepreneur looking for something new? Come join us at the show.

The connections that drive us

We are tech enthusiasts who get excited about new beginnings, lasting connections, and finding your passion. For us, technology is about making every day a little easier, and making more room for great conversations, big dreams, and breaking through your boldest business goals. Whether you’re a colleague, a partner, a solutions partner, or fellow tech enthusiast, we’re here to connect you to the solutions, services, and people that allow you to thrive.

Why Synapse?

In their own words, Synapse is a ground-breaking platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, service providers, governments, ESOs, and educational institutions in a method that enables all users to progress in their given needs while promoting a level of needed and desired community engagement. Synapse will enable the overall ecosystem of Florida to flourish in a way that is unparalleled with the opportunities present.