How to build a winning sales culture: Part 2

| By: Steve Farnan

What does it cost you to have a sales team?

From the team itself to the tools they need, sales is an expensive investment for any business. And that’s why it’s essential to create a sales culture capable of delivering a strong return.

In the first part of this series, we looked at actionable ways to hire better for your culture and create core values. Now, let’s dive into effective ways to invest in your sales team.

If you think I’m going to suggest paying your sales team more money, you’re wrong.

Of course, it would be silly to say sales professionals aren’t motivated by financial gain. But if your compensation package is fair, but your team isn’t performing up to par, rewarding them more won’t magically raise the bar.

Instead, educate them on ways to excel in their roles. And give them praise when it’s due. Working deals can be stressful and thankless. A little appreciation can unleash a flood of renewed enthusiasm from your team.

Consider rewarding more than just results. Reward good behavior, too.

6 ways to amp up your sales team’s performance

Don’t just tell your team to get the job done. Get in there, and show them how.

1. Sales kick-off meetings: Expectations that are clear from the start have a better chance of being met.

2. Coaching: Guidance toward a common goal is not just for sports.

3. Fireside chats: Share expertise in a free-flowing, non-threatening way.

4. Team-building exercises, intramural sports, monthly outings…oh, my!: The team that plays together, stays together. Find out what they want to do, then do it.

5. Bonuses & trip incentives: I never said money didn’t matter. Just that it isn’t the only motivation.

6. Free lunch: Something as simple as feeding your team once in a while lets them know you care.

2 ways to create friendly competition

Sales is about winning out over the competition, so practice this skill ‘at home’.

1. Run contests: Visible results mix fun with accountability.

2. Give recognition publicly: Rewarding those who achieve great results is awesome, but because sales is basically a numbers game, also recognize team members who are high-activity drivers.

3 ways to provide a career path

Employees who aren’t interested in bettering themselves probably have little interest in bettering your business. Help them see their future as part of your success strategy.

1. Steps for climbing the ladder: Don’t be vague about how an employee can move up.

2. Mentoring: Offer seasoned guidance to grow your employees.

3. Employee-owned mentality: While employee stock ownership may not be an option, tell employees what they can gain from your company’s success.

There’s no getting around it. A winning sales culture starts with YOU. But don’t be afraid. Check out the final part of my series.