ConnectWise’s own, Heather Ptak, winner of the CompTIA ChannelChanger award 2017

| By:
Arnie Bellini

I am so proud to announce that our very own Heather Ptak, ConnectWise Manager, Community – Events & Philanthropy, as one of three winners of the prestigious CompTIA ChannelChanger award for 2017. This award is given to nominees age 23-29 who have made an impact on the IT industry in some way.

I can’t think of anyone so deserving as Heather. Besides founding and heading our community outreach and philanthropy program for ConnectWise, I know her as a genuinely giving and kind person, happy to assist wherever she may be needed. She’s passionate, driven, and has helped make over 60 ConnectWise community events an overwhelming success. I know that with her dedication and charitable spirit, she’ll continue to drive the ConnectWise Foundation towards bigger and better things.

I’ll let her share some of her passion in her own words: “I’m passionate about helping the channel grow their communities, networks, and companies, but what has stood out for me is the people. Thanks to the connections I’ve made, I have a network full of people who share my passion for our industry and all the good we can do when we work together.”

We’re all very proud of the work she has done in the community and we look forward to many brighter tomorrows with her on our team. Her spirit of giving and enthusiasm showcase not only her growth and leadership, but also embody exactly the sort of drive and dedication we look for in every ConnectWise colleague.

Philanthropy and volunteering are at the heart of what brings Heather joy, which makes her a great fit for our focus on building a community that makes people’s lives better. And, as Heather so perfectly put it, “as new startups come onto the scene and larger companies hit growth spurts, turnover is bound to ramp up. Millennials are coming into the workforce and looking for the “cool” companies that will let them grow fast, and our industry is going to have to be prepared with cultures that reflect the right feel and serious career pathing that helps employees understand where they’re headed.” You can take a closer look at how we foster that kind of culture, and how you can too, in the first post of our series on retaining STAR employees.

Finally, I’d like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Heather and all of the other 2017 winners of this prestigious award. Thank you for representing the best of the industry!