See what’s new in ConnectWise Manage 2018.1

| By:
Linda Brotherton

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is already over—but we have a lot to look forward to in the new year. Our goal is to create a platform that can essentially run your technology solution business for you—giving you more time to focus on the details of running efficiently and building relationships with your clients. In other words, we want to put the manual and mundane tasks on autopilot.

We value the relationship we have with each of our partners and are constantly looking for ways to improve our solutions—and your business. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of ConnectWise Manage® 2018.1! The new features will make running your tech business as smooth as possible!

Here are six of the biggest new updates:

  • Deactivating sites – This new feature gives you the option to deactivate company sites that are no longer in use (this is especially useful for tracking which locations and clients need invoicing). For example, if a company has multiple office locations and one of them changes (or perhaps you no longer service a specific location), with the click of a button, you can now easily mark a site as inactive on the listing marked “site details.”
  • Time with calendar overlay – We know how crucial it is to keep track of the time you’re spending on projects. That’s why one of the new features has the ability to toggle between what you have scheduled on your calendar and what you have entered under the “time” section. This feature not only helps you and your employees see how much time they’re truly taking to complete tasks, but it also ensures that your staff is capturing their time accurately. It also, allows service managers to guarantee their workers have entered all their billable hours.
  • Filter status column – ConnectWise Manage now gives you the ability to right-click on the status column within your service ticket list views and filter your statuses according to the characters that you enter. There’s no hassle or minutes lost trying to find essential information—you can easily sort and find the status you want and place it swiftly onto the service board screen. It’s data filtering at its finest.
  • Agreement cancel date – Within Agreements, the cancel option will now serve the same function as an agreement’s end date. All time that is entered until the cancellation date will be covered by an agreement; however, after the cancellation date, any time a service tech enters will not be covered.

These are only a few of the many exciting new features that will enhance your experience with ConnectWise Manage. We are always in the process of reviewing and revising our products to provide our partners with the very best, and we’re looking forward to hearing how these enhancements make running your business easier than ever before. New year, new you, new ConnectWise Manage!