More accuracy, effortlessly with ConnectWise Manage 2016.3

| By:
Linda Brotherton

Our mission is to power your success with solutions that prepare you for anything. In order to accomplish that mission, we’re constantly devising ways to improve, and your suggestions don’t go unnoticed.

The 2016.3 release introduces 2 of the top 5 most-requested features from the enhancements forums, with additional benefits that make the world’s number one business management platform even better.

Whether it’s helping you manage projects, or track time more accurately than you ever thought possible, ConnectWise Manage® 2016.3 has the enhancements customized for your business.

We’re excited, so let’s get to the good stuff.

Change ‘Company’ on a ticket

If a service ticket is created for the wrong client, you’ll now have the ability to change the company regardless of whether there is unbilled time on the ticket.

Email audit feature

See when emails are successfully sent to recipients with the email audit feature. Review emails that were generated from ConnectWise, such as Status Notifications, surveys, invoice emails, and more.

Project portfolio view

Instead of having to access projects individually, this feature provides you with a big-picture view of all projects, so you can easily see greater insights and enable quick action when it’s needed.

Customer Portal security

Reassure your customers that their information is safe with improved Customer Portal security. If your client needs to retrieve their password, an email with a password reset screen is sent to them directly. The storage of passwords will be masked for added security.

Tax on purchase orders

Taxes are now displayed on purchase orders to comply with international regulations. The tax will also be visible on a printed purchase order.

That is just the introduction to what ConnectWise 2016.3 is capable of doing for your business. Sign up today for the ConnectWise Manage product demo—to see how easy it is to gain greater efficiency.