Brain friendly and better than ever – ConnectWise Manage 2016.1

| By:
Linda Brotherton
“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”    - Benjamin Franklin

We’re right there with you, Ben. Suffice it to say we’ve never rested on the cliche “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And that’s why we can’t wait for you to get your hands on our latest release—ConnectWise 2016.1 (now ConnectWise Manage®).

Motivated by our passion to continually push technology boundaries, 2016.1 is focused on advanced features and functionality designed around how you think, the way you work, and the challenges you face. As a result, this upgrade offers an enhanced user experience that’s more brain friendly than ever before.

What do we mean by brain friendly? We mean that you can customize many aspects of your experience to appear exactly how you’d like them to. For instance, a service manager is going to use ConnectWise Manage much differently than a marketing manager. Now, each can customize their views to see what matters most to their specific job function.

Check out these brain friendly highlights:

1. Customize invoice layouts

We’ve made it easy to create invoices adapted specifically for your business. It’s a breeze to view and print layouts through the Customer Portal.

How it’s brain friendly: Now, your invoices can match your quotes and vice versa. Painlessly give your customers the same experience when interacting with you from start to finish, and continue to make a good impression.

2. Move tabs to pods

Talk about productive. Now, you can have all relevant info together on the Companies screen as you work. Simply drag and drop the tabs you want displayed on the opening screen in the Companies window and presto—there’s everything you need in one view.

How it’s brain friendly: By giving you the option to see everything you want to see in one screen, you don’t have to go searching for relevant information about a company. You want to see that company’s product configurations? Add it to the screen for a quick view.

3. Streamline products to configuration

You’ll appreciate the ease and accuracy of our new Product to Configuration wizard. Now, you don’t have to re-key information.

How it’s brain friendly: Key details are automatically passed over to the Configuration, from the Product, eliminating double data entry and the potential for human error.

4. Manage projects seamlessly

Gain greater control over projects by setting dependencies to notify you when schedule conflicts arise, and see it all in our new Gantt View.

How it’s brain friendly: You can set dependencies that will let you know that certain phases in a project cannot begin until the previous phase is completed. And with the Gantt chart view, you can easily visualize where you are in a project and the steps that need to be taken in order for that project to be completed.

5. Create agreements from opportunities

Save time and steps by creating an agreement directly from a won opportunity. This enhanced feature allows you to pass products from an opportunity to both new and existing agreements.

How it’s brain friendly: Once an opportunity is won, you can automatically update the agreement, saving valuable time and eliminating double data entry. And, an agreement is updated as soon as that status is flipped, so you can start tracking to that agreement in real time.

6. Make procurement even easier

Simplify the management of purchase orders by creating your own statuses, with workflow emails generated when those statuses are reached. Entering product serial numbers is easier, thanks to improvements to the serial number editor. Plus, you can scan bar codes to pick and ship products.

How it’s brain friendly: The entire procurement process is streamlined. From purchase order management to serial number entry and bar code scanning, one step seamlessly moves into the next—ensuring your customers get their orders as soon as possible.

With each new release, our priority is always to make ConnectWise work for you. Be among the first to experience how 2016.1 does just that, even better than ever.