4 new and improved features make ConnectWise Sell better than ever

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Generating and managing quotes and proposals can feel like a daily wrestling match. That’s why we created ConnectWise Sell®: to automate your quoting process and integrate it with the rest of your business. Plus, with the latest release of ConnectWise Sell, things just keep getting better.

You told us what you needed in ConnectWise Sell, and we listened—again! Whether you’re one of our long-time partners, a new user, or someone still looking for a quoting and proposal tool, here are four new and updated features that will make your quoting faster, easier, and more accurate.

Rounding enhancements that take the stop sign out of pricing

Quotes and proposals are the heart of your company’s growth opportunities. Yet something as simple as how to round pricing can derail the entire quote. Too often, complicated pricing rules and other limitations generate the dreaded popup that says, you can’t do that, and there’s no clear path to find the right fix. Suddenly, another cup of coffee or a walk around the office looks good, and your sales cycle just slowed to a crawl.

ConnectWise Sell has an answer for these and other rounding frustrations with clear and flexible enhancements. For example, we now provide a choice between common rounding methods—Bankers, Standard, and Rounding Up. You can designate a decimal point preference up to four places. Need to change rounding methods for different products? ConnectWise Sell makes that a breeze. Suddenly, it’s easier to make the right decimal or rounding selection the first time.

With ConnectWise Sell’s latest rounding enhancement, your sales team finally has the control they need to get accurate quotes into the hands of your customers faster and easier.

A pricing calculator to speed you through proposals with confidence

Even for experienced users, it can be difficult to determine which price modifier to use. With ConnectWise Sell, answers to the most frustrating modification challenges are at your fingertips. Rather than wrestling with manually deleting decimals or plugging in numbers until something works, ConnectWise Sell now gives you a simple one- or two-click path forward. The new pricing calculator has pulldown menus for Price Modifiers and Rounding Options to help make sense of pricing strategies for every client. Wow your sales staff as they fly through their quotes and proposals. Plus, it’s as easy to use for both the novice as well as your seasoned sales staff.

With the Pricing Calculator, you can painlessly produce quotes with greater accuracy —and in less time—to make both your customer and your bottom line look good.

Show your customers that you really know them with dynamic (and easy) custom grids

A quote or proposal is more than just a string of numbers. Customers want to feel that you really get what they want and that your quote provides the answer they need. Some customers, such as those in government and education spaces, require highly specific information on their quotes to even consider them. That’s why ConnectWise Sell’s quote templates are customizable, so you can display whatever special information each customer expects to see.

But however customizable our quote templates may be, you’ve told us they aren’t all that easy to edit on your own—and we heard you. Our new dynamic forms and custom grids (available to ConnectWise Sell basic users only) are easier to configure and allow you to save, select, and reuse grids for a confident and repeatable process. Also, you can now use multiple product grids rather than conforming to just one standard. After all, adaptable and dynamic quote forms that show customers what they really need to see will beat out a one-size-fits-all form every time.

External quote number recording keeps special pricing, vendor, and other information at your fingertips

Every deal is a little different, and some are really unique. But keeping track of all the special pricing, deal registration, and quote information is cumbersome. Without that information, the entire sales cycle from quote to purchase to vendor agreement is negatively impacted. Errors—or simple lack of information—can cause costly delays, or even loss of profit.

The latest release of ConnectWise Sell provides a solution. Simply record the information—including special pricing, deal registrations, and other external quote information—right on the customer quote itself for future reference. You can even record such information on a line-by-line basis. ConnectWise Sell makes it a snap to import information from spreadsheets or through import integrations like Tech Data and Dell Premier. Plus, it’s stored right with the quote where you’ll always find it. What could be easier?

With these new and enhanced features, ConnectWise Sell makes a day without these common struggles a reality, so you can send out quotes faster, easier, and more accurately. Together with real-time pricing, online interactive quotes, quote activity notifications, and all the other features ConnectWise Sell is known for, what could be better?